Rediscover Teok Ayer via audio tour, Instagram posts on it and Kampung Gelam

14 April 2021
The Straits Times
Media Coverage

In a collaborative project between LASALLE’s BA(Hons) Arts Management students and the Urban Redevelopment Authority, members of the public will be able discover new perspectives of heritage neighbourhoods Telok Ayer and Kampung Gelam. Titled Project Rediscover, the students worked with industry and community stakeholders, as well as BA(Hons) Acting classmates and alumni, to conceptualise a nine-part audio tour on Spotify and two month’s worth of informative content on Instagram.

Reflecting on the experience, Arts Management student Christine Hee shared that conducting interviews with residents of the precinct helped to enrich her team's understanding of the area and contributed nuggets of information that could not be found through online research.

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