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Media release: Wing Tai unveils Urban Living Art collaboration with LASALLE College of the Arts at The M

The M - Garden (Cosmos)
20 October 2023
Media Release

Wing Tai Asia (Wing Tai) and LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE) have unveiled the Wing Tai x LASALLE Urban Living Art collaboration at Wing Tai’s newly completed residential development The M at Middle Road.

A collaboration three years in the making, this is a first-of-its-kind initiative which engages local artists on the creation and curation of artworks from the initial design stage of a residential development. The opportunity to be involved throughout the whole development process, and working closely with the design team, allows artists to better capture the essence of the architecture and development in their artworks, enlivening the spaces meaningfully. 

Mr Edmund Cheng, Deputy Chairman, Wing Tai Holdings Limited, says, “It has been a delightful experience working and engaging with these passionate artists from LASALLE. Wing Tai has always integrated art in our developments, where we create meaningful avenues for residents to discover and enjoy art. What is different about this initiative is that the artworks are curated for the residents of The M by their neighbour in this culturally vibrant district – LASALLE. Engaging the artists from the start of the project gives them a better appreciation of the design considerations. This enables them to create artworks that harmonise and enliven the environment at The M in a more organic way. While each artwork tells its own story, together, they reflect the artistic and cultural heritage of the Bugis area. This adds an extra dimension to the spatial experience at The M. In learning the story behind each artwork, we hope that residents will enjoy engaging with them as much as we did creating them with the LASALLE artists.”

Professor Steve Dixon, President of LASALLE, says, “It has been a great joy and privilege to collaborate with Wing Tai on this groundbreaking project. Art is often added to a building as an afterthought upon its completion, but in this case, art was integrated into the development of The M from the start — enabling our alumni artists and designers to create installations that are purposeful, meaningful, and bring out the essence of the space in a way that honours the vision of the developers as well as the history of the Bugis neighbourhood. The art that surrounds us enriches and enlivens our daily lives. It makes a difference to how we live, work and play. Through this project, we hope to inspire the inclusion of artists in a wide range of developments in future, and showcase the significant impact that art can make in the spaces around us.”

The collaboration features four unique urban living art installations curated by six alumni of LASALLE’s McNally School of Fine Arts and School of Spatial and Product Design for The M.

Garden 1
Garden 2

Garden by Ashley Yeo, BA (Hons) Fine Arts (Class of 2011) and Shirley Tan, BA (Hons) Interior Design (Class of 2017)

Garden is an art installation consisting of two exhibits inspired by the mandala and cosmos, designed with 3D prints showcasing 10 native flowers of Singapore in over 50 variations. The installation aims to provide serene and calm respite within the bustling urban environment.

The mandala-based installation symbolises unity and self-discovery. Its symmetrical patterns invite introspection, offering visitors a contemplative space amid the urban chaos.

Taking reference from the Cluster M45, the bright stars of the Pleiades, the second installation in the clubhouse celebrates celestial elements intertwined with native flowers, encouraging viewers to contemplate their place in the vast cosmic order.

Through Garden, the creators aspire to promote inner harmony and appreciation for Singapore's diverse flora. It beckons individuals to share the experience and fosters a sense of community amidst the busy urban landscape.

Ultimately, this amalgamation of art and nature serves as a reminder to embrace both the richness of our inner worlds and the magnificence of the cosmos, resonating harmoniously within the urban fabric.

The M - Focal

Focal by Brandon Yeo, BA (Hons) Interior Design (Class of 2017) and Sai (aka Chen Sai Hua Kuan), Diploma in Fine Arts (Class of 1997)

Focal is a magnificent sculpture that embodies the spirit of unity, drawing inspiration from people of different ages, cultures and life experiences, converging at a shared destination of jubilation. It harmoniously fuses two planes at the side, through the use of a rainbow hued glass in the middle, which symbolises the coming together of individuals from diverse backgrounds. As the sun filters through the glass, a kaleidoscope of colours dances on the ground below, signifying the joy that arises when people from all walks of life come together in harmony.

The M - City Dwellers

City Dwellers by Hilmi Johandi, BA (Hons) Fine Arts (Class of 2013) and MA Fine Arts (Class of 2018) and Vicknesan Subramaniam, BA (Hons) Interior Design (Class of 2013)

Through a combination of mixed-media process of collage, painting, sculpture and video, City Dwellers is a reinterpretation of pre-existing images and motifs which explore the memories of the area. As seen in postcards and historic references, these images provide visual information to promote and document the surroundings as a vibrant place to live and work for the residents while also showcasing Singapore as a picturesque modern city to an international audience. By deconstructing, reconstructing, and superimposing these past images into a montage, it allows the viewers to rediscover the history and cultural heritage of the region.

The moving images, colour transitions and textures of the various media draw one’s attention to an intimate observation of stories to tell. As one wanders through the ever-changing landscape, the extracted images of the past are observed, inscribed, and reinterpreted in the present.

Photos courtesy of Wing Tai Holdings.