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Media release: Using art to turn negative spaces into positive ones at Raffles Place

05 April 2022
Media Release

LASALLE College of the Arts, Raffles Place Alliance and Publicis Singapore have come together to present an exhibition that transforms negative social distancing spaces into positive spaces for art.

In a first-of-its-kind exhibition called ‘The 1M Exhibition’, a total of 177 artworks by 105 graduates and students from LASALLE’s Faculty of Design will be exhibited around Raffles Place Park using the unexpected medium of social distancing stickers, making safe distancing less mundane and a lot more purposeful to the visitors of the park. v Each artwork showcased in ‘The 1M Exhibition’ measures exactly 1 metre across – the distance encouraged for staying safe in public spaces. The exhibition masters the art of safe distancing by transforming empty spaces on benches, into places for art and discovery.

“We are delighted to have the next generation of Singaporean artists, makers and creators transforming the spaces in Raffles Place Park. We hope the collaboration will amply showcase their energy and creativity to the working community in the CBD.” says Mr Chew Peet Mun, Chairman of Raffles Place Alliance.

“The pandemic has brought many challenges, but it has also given us the opportunity to try something new. We loved the idea of taking our students’ works to an unexpected location. This collaboration with Raffles Place Alliance comes at a perfect time as people return to in-person experiences, and it gives our graduates and students greater exposure and a more tangible connection with audiences,” says Ms Nur Hidayah, Dean, Faculty of Design at LASALLE.


In support of the arts

‘The 1M Exhibition’ is a collaboration between the LASALLE College of the Arts, Raffles Place Alliance and Publicis Groupe Singapore, which conceived this initiative to help bridge the gap between the next generation of artists and potential employers.

“Social distancing stickers have become commonplace in our lives. It's also a stark reminder of the struggles the pandemic has brought on us, and in particular the local arts scene. As part of the creative community, it is only right that we lend our support to them,” explains Adrian Yeap, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Groupe Singapore.

Running for three months from 5 April 2022, the exhibition will showcase the works of LASALLE graduates and students from the School of Design Communication, School of Fashion and School of Spatial & Product Design. To learn more about the students behind each work, visitors to the exhibition can scan the QR code located on each artwork.

‘The 1M Exhibition’ opens on Tuesday, 5 April 2022.