Media release: Final year students at LASALLE College of the Arts reimagine the future of fashion

08 May 2024
Media Release

Twelve collections that reimagine a better approach to fashion were unveiled at LASALLE College of the Arts’ 2024 graduate fashion show on 7 May 2024.

The final year students, who are graduating from the BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles programme, presented their collections at LASALLE’s McNally Campus to an audience of industry professionals, media and other guests. They were selected to present their designs by a panel of representatives from the fashion industry. 

Themed RE:IMAGINED, the show presents collections that explore today’s social, environmental and cultural issues through fashion.

Circe Henestrosa, Head, School of Fashion, said, “Our young designers have shown that fashion is a powerful art form to discuss contemporary issues. Each of our students have identified social, cultural or environmental themes they wanted to address through their work. They have used innovative techniques and production models, embracing sustainability, thoughtful design, craftsmanship and emerging technologies. They are not afraid to experiment and challenge existing norms. The graduate fashion show, featuring the future leaders of the fashion industry, presents what the future of fashion could look like.” 

Collections featured in RE:IMAGINE

Embracing heritage and culture 

Jocelynne Pricilia Cantona’s collection Shadows unveiled is crafted to illuminate the age-old art of batik for a younger and broader audience by fusing it with Western influences. 

In Between: Heaven and Earth by Pricilla Chiquita Mintura features contemporary pieces inspired by Chinese architecture, customs, cosmology and costumes, while Lee Seoyoung’s collection Hol-ro-sso-da reinterprets her Korean heritage within a contemporary context.

Ni Siting’s collection 竹 (Bamboo) explores the history of Chinese characters and writing, integrating elements of traditional style in modern fashion. 安息 (rest in peace) by Eric Sim You Geng explores themes of death and the afterlife, rooted in Eric's Chinese heritage and Buddhist beliefs, through a digital fashion collection.

Sustainability and consumerism

In Coral’s final whisper, Giacinta Amaryllis Crystal draws inspiration from the intricate beauty of corals, transforming preloved garments into captivating patchwork designs. Through her work, Giacinta aims to highlight the impact of textile waste on coral reefs and bring awareness to the urgency of environmental conservation. 

Rynna Shazrina’s collection Tropical Threads embraces the use of recycled and upcycled materials and celebrates nature by integrating its textures, shapes and colours in garments and textiles. Rachel Tan’s collection -38.67444, 143.78611 pioneers sustainability with a range of modular garments, designed for versatility. 

Inspired by the back of trucks in India, ODYSSEY by Ponni Ashok is a satirical commentary on overconsumption and waste. Made using discarded saris, the collection shifts the power to the wearer by allowing them to experiment with assemblage.

Gender and society

Deepa Yadav’s collection Eminence fuses traditionally masculine and feminine aesthetics, and is designed to embolden women to feel confident in their fashion choices. PORTMANTEAUWEAR by Cherlin Faye Valdeavilla is inspired by the practical wear of the 1940s, and challenges societal norms by seamlessly merging fashion and function.

Thirza Ariance Lilingan Lodo’s collection I Love You, See You Inside uses fashion as a gateway for self expression that celebrates escapism and imagination by exploring the concept of maximalism and performative fashion. 

VR showcase featuring digital fashion collections

In addition to the fashion runway, three cutting edge digital fashion collections by students Eric Sim You Geng, Puteri Navet and Chirag Kamra were presented during an immersive pre-show VR experience. 

Five students receive awards from industry partners 

Five students from the BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles programme were also presented awards at the show. 

Three students —Ni Siting, Rynna Shazrina and Ponni Ashok — received awards presented by smart Automobile. They each received a $2,200 cash award, along with the opportunity to create two additional pieces for a capsule collection, which will be unveiled at the launch of smart Automobile’s showroom in Alexandra Road, Singapore later in 2024. Ni Siting received the Smart Collection of the Year award, Rynna Shazrina received the Smart Creative Collection award and Ponni Ashok received the Smart Innovative Collection award. 

Two awards were also presented by Love, Bonito to Ni Siting and Pricilla Chiquita Mintura. The graduands will receive a two-month-long apprenticeship with the brand, where they will work with the research and design team. Ni Siting also received the Love, Bonito award — a $1,000 cash award. 

Leading flavour and fragrance company Takasago presented awards to Rynna Shazrina and Puteri Navet, who will receive the opportunity to create their own fragrance. 

The LASALLE Show Exhibition 2024

Following the fashion show, all 21 collections from the BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles graduating class will be showcased at LASALLE's Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore from 16 to 24 May 2024. The showcase is part of The LASALLE Show Exhibition 2024, an annual exhibition by final year students from LASALLE’s Diploma, BA (Hons) and postgraduate programmes.