Media release: Fashion designers at LASALLE College of the Arts explore transitions in 2023 graduate fashion show

15 May 2023
Media Release

What would a more equal fashion ecosystem look like? How can the designers of tomorrow be guided by greater empathy, inclusivity and diversity? How do we care for each other in a changed world?

These are just some of the questions explored in the 14 diverse fashion collections unveiled at LASALLE College of the Arts’ graduate fashion show on Monday 15 May 2023.

The designers, who are students graduating from the BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles programme, presented their collections along LASALLE’s picturesque sky bridge to an audience of industry professionals, media and other guests. They were selected to present their designs by a panel of representatives from the fashion industry.

Themed Transition, the show explores through fashion the ways in which our world is changing and can change.

Circe Henestrosa, Head, School of Fashion, said, “The theme of Transition spoke to us as we find ourselves today in the midst of multiple transitions—between physical and digital, between old norms and future evolutions. Our students have explored bold and important themes in their collections, from how cultural heritage can be celebrated in contemporary times, to how fashion can be more inclusive and sustainable. They have also not been afraid to use innovative methods and new technologies in their creations. Our students are really pushing the frontiers and I am so proud of all of them.”

The collections featured in Transition include:

Exploring heritage and culture

Sakshi Singh examines and deconstucts the sari in her collection Cosmopolitan01, presenting a fresh perspective on the sari for the cosmopolitan woman. Meanwhile Khairina Sari Ramlan’s collection Underneath the veil uncovers and rediscovers the different types of Islamic veils: the Burqa, Niqab and Hijab.

Alison Oh Jing Rou’s collection Have you eaten yet? addresses the degradation of human interaction. The garments are pattern cut according to food silhouette of dumplings and har gow, inspired by the showing of love in Chinese culture through food. Kim Gyuri’s Peer-Na-Da collection incorporates elements of Korean heritage—the act of tying straps and layering garments—but also gives a nod to the asymmetrical lines of Seoul's lights in present-day Korea. 

In Arrangements, Pratyusha Prasad Borgaonkar looks at the mannerisms of ritualistic practices in India and uncovers the metaphors communicated within them. The menswear collection uses a mix of experimental and technical pattern drafting methods. In Mirath, Reet Jetwani created a series of 18 sweatshirts inspired by the Arabic alphabet, using creative pattern cutting.

Sustainability and the fashion industry

In Snack Time!, Liang Baiyi draws inspiration from pop art to question hyper consumerism and encourage more thoughtful shopping behaviours, while Leong Jia Yin’s collection In Our Possession explores our connection to nature. Lim Su Hui’s Homeland explores the intersections of zero-waste pattern-making practices, and is a poetic nod to nature and heritage landscapes in the golden age of 14th-century Singapore.

Michelle Tan’s knitwear collection THE COLOUR BRAWL aims to humanise the creation process of garments, with a focus on craft and time-intensive knitting techniques, where each pattern piece is calculated and knitted out directly, minimising wastage of fabric.

Indira Verma’s collection Ratnagarbha: The Repository is inspired by the ways of living of Indian royalty and the palaces and art found in the city of Jaipur. The project lays strong emphasis on a sustainable production system to create a net-positive impact on the environment and society, and aims to re-address the issues around exploitation of artisans.

New technology and the future of fashion

Recognising that the fashion industry is falling short in terms of size innovation and representation, Jennie Amio seeks to shatter barriers and emphasise the significance of innovation in plus-size fashion in her collection Unbearable Bodies, while empowering wearers to embrace their individuality.

Varsha Venkatesan’s collection explores the arts of yoga and meditation and its significance within Hindu mythology. She presents a digital fashion collection, empowering wearers to be whoever they wish to be and to experiment with their styles in the metaverse.

Lastly, through experimental silhouettes, INTROVERTPARTY by Farah Sudiro unfolds the inner world of the introverted through a caricatured image that illustrates shyness in body language and behaviour.

Following the fashion show, all 26 collections from the BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles graduating class will be showcased at LASALLE's Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore from Friday 19 May 2023 till Wednesday 31 May 2023. The showcase is part of The LASALLE Show Exhibition 2023, an annual exhibition by final year students from LASALLE’s diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.