Lianhe Zaobao: Young art creators must break through boundaries of their disciplines

15 December 2021
Lianhe Zaobao
Media Coverage

Commissioned by the newly opened GR.ID shopping mall, LASALLE fine arts alumnus Benedict Yu, 25, and fashion designer Joanna Lim, 27, have partnered with five students from other institutions to create Singapore's largest hand-painted mural in a shopping mall. Titled Motherboard, the mural is 29 metres long and 12 metres tall, and took seven months to create.

This is the first collaboration between Benedict and Joanna to design a large mural. The two met in LASALLE in 2017 when they collaborated on a cross-disciplinary fashion show. Although they come from different fields, both artists believe that only by breaking through the boundaries of their disciplines can they achieve new heights in their respective creative careers.

Joanna says, “As an art creator, you have to try everything. Get out of your comfort zone and explore and experiment with other types of art; that is the kind of spirit that needs to be encouraged.”

This mural collaboration is only the beginning for Benedict and Joanna. Together with fellow LASALLE students and alumni Tiffany Chang and Adli Dinie, Benedict and Joanna have formed a multidisciplinary collective, Asylum Drift. Their first project is the Airplane Mode pop-up store at GR.ID, an art market featuring 25 independent local brands and ten young artists, which they hope will raise local awareness of young creatives in Singapore.

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Photo: Lianhe Zaobao