Media release: LASALLE College of the Arts Interior Design students collaborate with *SCAPE to redesign key spaces

16 February 2021
Media Release

Recently, *SCAPE invited interior design students at LASALLE College of the Arts (“LASALLE”) to re-imagine their Music Village and Dance Village as welcoming, inclusive spaces that encourage greater participation from youths of all walks of life.

The competition ran between September to November 2020, and 62 BA(Hons) Interior Design Level 3 students took part, divided across 13 groups. *SCAPE awarded first, second and third prizes to the most outstanding designs, valued at S$3,000, S$2,000 and S$1,000 respectively.

The winning entry, ‘Fragmentation’ by Jehuda Victor Sanaga, Clarissa Aurelia Mashadi, Fedita Ryomas Husin, Philia Christy and Rebecca Wong Wei, takes inspiration from the individual arts disciplines that come together at *SCAPE to become a unified whole. It uses bright colours as well as the interplay of lighting and reflective materials to open up designated spaces at *SCAPE, improving visibility and shaping the ambience through intangible design elements.

“Industry collaborations are an integral part of the LASALLE experience. Working with *SCAPE was a wonderful opportunity for our students not only to apply their skills and creativity, but also to engage with Singapore’s youth communities through their redesign of these well-loved music and dance spaces. Artists do not work in silos—at LASALLE, we value the openness and integration between different art forms that these spaces at *SCAPE embody, and we are very pleased that our students have played a part in re-imagining them for young musicians and dancers,” said Nur Hidayah, Dean, Faculty of Design, LASALLE College of the Arts.

“We are very excited to embark on this collaboration with LASALLE College of the Arts as it provides an opportunity for youths to re-imagine our spaces and brings positive impact to the youth communities at *SCAPE. The design entries were evaluated based on creativity, practicality, sustainability, relevant incorporation of technology and cost effectiveness. The winning team with their design proposal titled ‘Fragmentation’ well-demonstrated their considerations in these 5 areas and *SCAPE is keen to explore next steps with the LASALLE team to bring the design concept to life. We also hope that more youths will be inspired to come forward to share their ideas and co-create possibilities with *SCAPE,” said Ivy Lim, Executive Director of *SCAPE Co. Ltd.

LASALLE’s industry engagement projects simulate real industry briefs to offer students opportunities to work in live environments as part of collaborative project teams. Through partnerships such as this one with *SCAPE, students gain valuable experience and agility to apply their skills towards tangible outcomes. Another successful industry collaboration had LASALLE students work with Singapore Airlines to design the KrisLab Innovation Lab, which was opened by Minister for Trade and Industry Mr Chan Chun Sing in 2019.