Harper’s Bazaar: Young Talents Put A Gen Z-Spin On Chanel’s SS23 Accessories

03 May 2023

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore has always been about nurturing new talent and uplifting the next generation. Committed to the BAZAAR Academy for eight years now—linking educational institutions in this country with the world’s most esteemed fashion companies to provide local students an inside look into exclusive events, exhibitions, talks, parties and internship opportunities—we are proud to continue working with Chanel on nurturing the next generation of talent.

Our latest initiative provides exposure for selected students from LASALLE College of the Arts to produce a digital fashion spread that will be showcased on Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore’s website and social media platforms.



This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not only lets selected students showcase their creativity, but also provides a platform for them to work with industry professionals and experts in order to produce a meaningful piece of work that will enrich their portfolios. The advisorship also aims to educate and inspire the young contestants with greater communications, creativity, business acumen and problem-solving skills to succeed in the world of fashion.

Evaluated for their creativity, originality, and concept fitting of the brand image of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore, the judges selected a team of five students to execute and produce the digital spread and content. Ahead, we find out more from the team, comprising creative director Chloe Lok, art director Genevieve Heng, photographer/videographer Ericia Lee, producer Zuaipy Santiago, and stylist Eldeen Ng.



Tell us about the team’s roles/involvement in this exclusive BAZAAR Academy project.

We all had a shared vision to showcase the world of luxury through a Gen Z lens. Meet our team!

Creative director Chloe Lok directed the shoot and liaised with our photographer and videographer, Ericia Lee, to execute her vision. She’s never afraid and always eager to showcase her creativity by conceptualising new concepts and presenting them beautifully.

Art director Genevieve Heng ensured that the set visually conveyed what our creative director envisioned. Unafraid of tackling setbacks and challenges head-on, she works hard to ensure that the final outcome is always up to standard. With her open and enthusiastic nature, she is constantly looking to explore new concepts on a deeper level.

Photographer/videographer Ericia Lee made sure all the pictures and scenes were well-executed and worked closely with Chloe. She has a fascinating take on creativity, bringing out the beauty amidst simplicity from stories that inspire her.

Producer Zuaipy Santiago managed the production and logistical implementation of the shoot, from booking a studio and models to budget allocation. She constantly demonstrates her curiosity by making the most of opportunities to learn, improve and innovate. She believes in pushing and testing her limits to the best of her abilities.

Stylist Eldeen Ng put together the outfits and ensured that all the items were properly taken care of. Well-organised with a great passion for fashion and styling, he constantly seeks to learn new skills and hone his abilities in the fashion industry.


Digital camera

What inspired the digital fashion spread and how was the concept devised?

We were inspired by Gen Z’s alluring boldness and individuality. Most of the shots reference trends that are popular amongst Gen Z, such as the 0.5 selfies. Due to the rise of TikTok, we are also seeing lots of short clips and transition effects, which we incorporated in our video.

Why did the team want to be a part of this programme?

We wanted to challenge ourselves and gain new experiences, expand our skill sets and broaden our horizons.

What was it like being a part of the BAZAAR Academy? What has been most memorable and what has the team learnt?

It was an eye-opening experience with unexpected challenges; it forced us to think outside the box and improvise. There was a shot with sand that we struggled with—BAZAAR came down during the day of the shoot to guide us. Working within a limited timeframe has, in fact, helped us to adapt and find creative solutions to problems, improvise and find alternative ways to achieve our desired outcome. We learnt to streamline our process, prioritise tasks, and make the most of the resources that were available to us.



What were the challenges faced and how did the team overcome them?

There were many! Take the martini shot, for example. The glass broke twice—before and during the shoot—but we managed to get a swift replacement because we communicated with one another. We also set aside two days for the test shoot, just to make sure we were fully prepared for the day of the actual shoot.

How does the team see the world of fashion along with the emerging trends in technology and social media?

There’s a lot of moving images and mixed media emerging as trends on social media. Technology has also allowed fashion (including luxury fashion) to be more accessible to the younger crowd. There’s a welcomed sense of inclusivity.

What are the team’s aspirations and what’s next?

We want to keep on improving and achieving creative visions and concepts. After graduating, we hope to get jobs in the creative industries that align with our personal passions.

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