BERITAmediacorp: LASALLE College of the Arts’ Rock and Indie Festival (RIF) 2023

10 February 2023
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The sixth edition of the Rock and Indie Festival (RIF) 2023 at LASALLE College of the Arts will run for two nights on Feb 10 and Feb 11, promising a mesmerising and entertaining show.

The performances will be held at two locations at LASALLE’s McNally Campus, namely the Campus Green and the Flexible Performance Space.


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This year's festival is grander, with both locations able to accommodate up to 600 spectators.

RIF is a student initiative and is presented by LASALLE’s School of Contemporary Music.


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"With a dedicated platform once again for these two genres, we hope to feature a variety of new musicians every year so they have a platform to showcase their new music, or if they are struggling, they can also use the platform to share their music in general," shared Festival Head, Nadhra Hasri, 22 years old.

"You can expect different types of music, which you may not have heard before. Even if you have attended RIF in previous years, the experience this time is definitely different from what you have witnessed before," she added.

RIF helps local musicians like MRTNS showcase their music after the pandemic


Photo: MRTNS

Among those scheduled to perform include Aggressive Raisin Cat, Krunkle the Band and MRTNS.

"For two years, we couldn't perform so we didn't release new songs. We released songs online and so on but it's hard to promote them if there are no live performances," said MRTNS vocalist Iskandar Mazlan.

"So when opportunities like this come, it really helps us present our music to the public," he added.


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Iskandar said it was difficult to gather all five members of the band to practice due to work commitments. But MRTNS still promises a solid and entertaining performance.


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"We always look forward to events like this because it is only through such events that we can exhibit our skills and songs live and it's usually a different experience from listening to songs on Spotify," said Iskandar, 27 years old.

MRTNS will perform on Feb 11 at Campus Green.

Monda(e) instrumental group is happy to perform in front of an audience after a long time


Photo: monda(e)

Another group that will perform is the four-member instrumental music group monda(e).

"Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very difficult for musicians or bands to perform live, so this opportunity is very exciting for our band," shared monda(e)’s bassist Muhammad Syafiq Kasim.
The group was selected to perform at RIF through an open audition.


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We find time to practice and in order to find inspiration, we go to other performances in Singapore such as at the Esplanade," Syafiq shared with BERITAmediacorp.
The performances will also be broadcast on the LASALLE College of the Arts’ YouTube page.

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