Community Projects

Teaching Broadcast Media in an Unconventional Classroom


Over two sessions, a basic video‐editing course was delivered by Khalid Almkhlaafy, Programme Leader for LASALLE’s Diploma in Broadcast Media and BA(Hons) Film, to inmates at Tanah Merah Prison (Prison School). The course contributed towards participants’ qualification for the National Youth Achievement Award.

The class size of over 40 had no previous experience in video editing. “By the end of the course, all of them were able to produce a short three‐minute edited video that incorporated motion graphics and text, as well as video effects and a soundtrack,” said Khalid.

Following the course, several students were chosen to put their newly acquired skills into practice by creating motivational short films. “As an educator for over 20 years, this course is one of the most satisfying I have taught,” added Khalid.