Industry as classroom: PEDRO partners with Diploma in Creative Direction for Fashion

Winning team of Fashion students: Joseph, Zuzu and Nagi

(From left) The winning students Joseph Poh, Zuaipy Fariqa Santiago (Zuzu), and Wang Lei (Nagi). All images courtesy of PEDRO.

PEDRO partnered with LASALLE College of the Arts in an initiative to support and nurture the next generation of fashion creatives in Singapore. The shoe brand worked with final year students from the Diploma in Creative Direction for Fashion programme, to create exciting concepts that tell the story of PEDRO's EOS Sneaker through the eyes of Gen Z.

This is the first-ever partnership between PEDRO and LASALLE, with the aim to engage the next generation of creatives and empower them to showcase their talents. This collaboration serves as a platform for students from LASALLE's School of Fashion to develop their creative skill sets and gain real-life experience working with a fashion company.

School of Fashion lecturers sit in on the presentations
School of Fashion lecturers (from left) Ginette Chittick, Daniela Monasterios Tan and Charles Rezandi sit in on the presentations.

Judging panel

A total of 12 groups took part, with the winning concept coming from the team consisting of Joseph Poh Shou Heng, Zuaipy Fariqa Santiago, Wang Shi Wen and Wang Lei. The students successfully responded to a brief with a dynamic, modern and sophisticated concept that not only told a captivating story but also captured the brand DNA.

The winning team received S$1,000 and the opportunity to realise their concept into actual digital assets by working closely with PEDRO’s creative team.

The winning team


Interview with the winning students Joseph Poh, Zuaipy Fariqa Santiago (Zuzu), and Wang Lei (Nagi)



What was the overall experience like?

Zuzu: It was a fun and wholesome experience where I got to take charge and mostly direct. Something that I often do but usually along with many other parts that I still have to do such as photography. Definitely a one-of-a-kind experience and something that I am very proud to have been a part of.

Joseph: It was a truly unique experience with an adrenaline rush everyday executing this challenging vision and making it into a reality with my peers. This was actually my first time working on a campaign and taking the lead from pre-production all the way to post.

Nagi: Overall, it has been very fulfilling.

Student Joseph Poh monitors the shoot

Student Joseph Poh monitors the shoot


What were some of the challenges you faced?

Zuzu: Sourcing certain items was quite challenging but nonetheless possible. The unpredictable and ever-changing weather also kept me feeling anxious. There were many other challenges but having reliable teammates was very important and helpful.

Joseph: I guess putting the whole shoot together and conveying our vision while at the same time coming up with contingency plans to manage any issues that we might face. Also doling out roles and responsibilities to each team member so they could shine in their own way.



What did you learn from this experience?

Zuzu: I definitely learnt to minimise and strategise, as well as the importance of planning and budgeting.

Joseph: The importance of communicating with every single individual and taking their thoughts into consideration, as it might change one’s perspective and help to elevate the project.

Nagi: That it is actually possible to turn the impossible into reality.

BTS with students on location

Find out more about the visual assets for PEDRO's EOS campaign here.

Reproduced with permission from PEDRO. (Text by Jingyi Goh, all images courtesy of PEDRO.)