Techno-vision of the future from the margins

Techno-visions of the future arts management lasalle

Date & Time
Date: Thu 28 Mar 2024
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm


Lecture Theatre,
Block F Level 2 #F202, LASALLE


Free. The event will be streamed live via YouTube.



Speaker: Dr Diego Maranan, Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communications Studies
University of the Philippines Open University

Moderator and panelist: Chok Si Xuan, independent artist, and 2022 Artist in Residence, Singapore Art Museum


  • Urich Lau, co-founder of INTER–MISSION and lecturer, LASALLE
  • Victoria Hertel, independent artist
  • Kapilan Naidu, independent artist and designer and part-time lecturer, LASALLE

This seminar will explore the alternative techno-futures envisioned by Southeast Asian artists. Moving beyond dominant, Western-centric narratives, LASALLE artist in residence Diego Maranan from the Philippines will be in conversation with Singapore-based artists,  delving into artistic interventions that challenge prevailing techno-optimism and question the impact of technology on marginalised communities and the environment. 

Discussing techno-driven art installations, AI-generated arts or wearable technology design projects, the seminar will reimagine futures through indigenous cultural knowledge and epistemic traditions in Southeast Asia. Engaging with critical frameworks, it will question the ethics of technological development and its potential for fostering more equitable and sustainable futures for our planet.

Join the seminar to explore the transformative power of artistic imagination in shaping a more inclusive, sustainable, human-centred but technologically enabled vision of the future.

This seminar is presented as: