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PROVOCATIONS: MA Design Public Seminar 2023

LASALLE MA Design Public Seminar 2023

Date & Time

Thu 21 Sep 2023, 2:30pm – 5:00pm


Online, via Zoom.
Passcode: 120808





Designers today adopt multifaceted viewpoints that cannot be limited to solvable design problems. Instead, they expand across disciplinary boundaries to create desirable opportunities. While these ideas deserve the critical understanding of a well-informed mind, they should also be open to sustainable conventions for a reimagined society.

Research tracks: Technology and Design Innovation, Design for Social Change and Systems Design.

Presentations by:
Aurelia Friska Widjaja
Chuang Hsing Ying
Gao Xiwen
Muhammad Fauzi Bin Azman
Tan Zi Cheng Jason
Tanvi Kashyap Mehta
Vidhi Agarwala
Zhan Sitong
Lee Mun Leong
Seck Xin Yi Adeline
Tung Ching Yew