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Future Forward: Emerging Issues in Arts Management in Asia / Annual ANCER meeting



22 – 24 Jun 2018



A seismic shift in socio-cultural-political environments is palpable. The anthropocene moment is sketched by a fast rising middle-class; a nuanced emergence of second, third and fourth tier cities; crumbling traditional concepts of trust, agreement and contract; a complex but energized millennial community; and a great movement of peoples, cultures and borders. A sense of unease is ripping through everyday lives. The above global environment forces conversations around the arts, cultural management, leadership and community to shift from the local/national to the global/international sphere. It is a shared conundrum of a high-connected world.

The framing above informs the ANCER Meeting in Singapore. It is an opportunity for existing and new ANCER members to share recent work and to discuss emerging issues and research priorities. This is not a conference, but a conversation to understand, take stock, discuss challenges, and to explore or expand on collaboration opportunities. More importantly, to facilitate people to people conversation over convivial moments of food and drink.

Organiser: Faculty of Fine Arts, Media and Creative Industries