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Equity, Inclusivity and Cultural Leadership: A conversation on concerns of our time

MA Arts and Cultural Leadership x ELIA

Date & Time

Fri 20 Oct 2023, 10:00am – 12:00pm




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Leadership styles are moving away from hierarchical models towards more collaborative, inclusive models. What 'inclusivity' looks like and how to 'do' inclusivity may look different across different countries.

As arts leaders and higher education institutions recognise the urgency of addressing issues of social justice and equity – including questions such as access to arts or arts education and empowering under-represented voices and communities – how have we adapted our leadership styles to accommodate these needs? How do we create environments that are equitable, creatively productive and empowering for learners, staff and the communities we serve? What are existing models in our institutions/contexts and what can we learn from others?

This session invites participants to actively join in a virtual conversation through breakout group discussions around these questions, facilitated by the MA Arts and Cultural Leadership programme.

This is a satellite event of the ELIA Leadership Symposium 2023