Visiting artists

Dharma Taksu Yoga: Considerations to Balance Using the Arts and Technology with Application to Art Therapy Practice


Date & Time

Wed 26 Sep 2018
7:00pm – 9:00pm


Lecture Theatre
Block F, Level 2 #F202
LASALLE, 1 McNally Street


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Lecture / Talk

David Trevelyan will provide an evening presentation for the LASALLE community, community-at-large, and the mental health community as part of the Artist-in-Residence series by LASALLE’s MA Art Therapy Programme introducing his Dharma (experience) Taksu (energy) Yoga (practice) ideas and approach as linked to the arts and art therapy.

He aims to teach a cyber-intuitive heuristic/psychic automatism learning experience between the arts, life-style and technology, balancing the tactile day-to-day physical experience with the virtual, cyber, technological, internet world.

His intention is to inspire, teach and foster a healthy partnership, a relationship between human tactile experience and technology, using technology as a creative tool; a balance, partnership and agreement to create and produce in both worlds. For example: creating art in a digital environment and producing it by hand in a tactile manner, or the other way around.

With the advent of television, movies, video games and especially social media, a new form of mass hypnosis and distraction is emerging, leading to avoidant personality disorders, agoraphobia, attention deficit disorder among other new emerging disabilities, alarmingly diminishing the human attention span. This presentation will begin a much-needed discussion.