As You Like It

As You Like It

Date & Time

Wed 24 Jul – Fri 26 Jul


Gateway Theatre, 3615 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 159461


$27 (For ticketing details, visit



As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s most glorious and sunniest comedies. Set in a romantic woodland—the Forest of Arden—the play is about a youthful search for identity, love and happiness revolving around the lively character Rosalind. She sets the tone of the play and is among Shakespeare’s most brilliant heroines.

The production is set in Singapore and Malaysia in 1965, just as Singapore is about to be exiled from the Malayan Union and set adrift to become a wholly independent state. This production therefore celebrates a crucial and confusing episode in Singapore’s bicentennial history. Shakespeare’s Forest of Arden becomes the jungles of Malaysia, where an exiled politician, chastened by nature, returns to assume power by the play’s end and all onstage are married and celebrate new unions. Asian Arden becomes a magical wonderland where dappled sunlight and the music and sounds of nature refresh the human spirit and make miracles possible.

This production features students from the BA(Hons) Acting programme.

Audio Description is available for the show on 26 July, for which there will be a Touch Tour at 7:00pm.