1°18’, 103°51’ (where have you been?): MA Fine Arts work-in-progress exhibition

1°18’, 103°51’ (where have you been?) MA Fine Arts work-in-progress exhibition

Date & Time

Exhibition period: Sat 12 Nov – Wed 14 Dec 2022
Opening hours: 12:00pm – 7:00pm, Mon–Sat (closed on Sunday, public holidays, and during College closures).


Praxis Space and Project Space, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE's McNally Campus




Exhibition, LASALLE Exhibition

Utilising the geographic coordinate system, the oldest spatial reference system still in use, 1°18’, 103°51’(where have you been?) refers to the intersecting point and place for this group of practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. As a means of wayfinding, the longitude-latitude of the College serves as a beacon for the 12 candidates of the MA Fine Arts programme to carry out situated experimentations and research practice. This student-led exhibition puts forth questions partnered with their respective forms of expression including photography, drawing, video, sound, performance, painting and installation.

Carmen Ceniga Prado
Iman Sengupta
Isa Pengskul
Jessica Tan
Joanna George
Li Szu
Ha Chau Bao Nhi
Solomzi Moleketi
Oindrila Sen
Teck Lim
Zul Mahmod

Image: Courtesy of XUE, 2022