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Coming soon! Chinese Ink Painting Singapore Series: Discovering the Artistic Essence

Embark on a creative odyssey that merges tradition with contemporary expression, capturing the soul of Singapore through the art of Chinese ink painting. Join us as we transform ink and brush into a vibrant celebration of culture and artistry. 

Intermediate and seasoned artists seeking to delve deeper into the medium are invited to embark on a journey through iconic Singaporean landscapes and cultural landmarks, capturing their essence with the expressive strokes of Chinese ink. Each session is meticulously crafted to guide you through fundamental brushwork, ink washes and traditional composition principles. 

Lesson 1 is a foundational lesson conducted on campus to prepare you for the field trips in Lessons 2 to 6.

Lesson 1: Chinese Ink Painting Singapore series: Orientation and demonstration
Lesson 2: Chinese Ink Painting Singapore series: National Orchid Garden: outlining (双勾填色法) 
Lesson 3: Chinese Ink Painting Singapore series: National Orchid Garden: freehand painting (写意法) 
Lesson 4: Chinese Ink Painting Singapore series: Botanic Gardens: Lake 
Lesson 5: Chinese Ink Painting Singapore series: Raffles Place cityscape 
Lesson 6: Chinese Ink Painting Singapore series: Little Guilin landscape

About the trainer 
Lim Choon Jin is a renowned Singapore contemporary ink artist with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons First Class) and a Master in Arts (Fine Arts) from RMIT (LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts). He has received recognition in prestigious art competitions and awards.

Lim's unique style of calligraphy and Chinese ink showcases abstraction and dissociation, creating a captivating mental spatial experience for viewers. Despite his passion for art since childhood, Lim pursued a teaching career before dedicating himself full-time to painting after retiring from the Ministry of Education in 1998. His inspirations stem from his travels and deep observations of nature, and he deftly creates his artworks without pre-tracings, relying on years of experience in Chinese ink painting to guide him. His exceptional works are sought after by both corporations and private collectors, making him a prominent figure in the arts community.

Note: Course trainers are, on occasion, subject to change with short notice.


No. of classes Days Dates Time
6 Every Tue 20 Feb – 2 Apr 2024 9:00am – 12:00pm

Application Information

Course materials

To be advised before the course’s start date. Cost of materials: approximately $60, to be purchased by participants.

Who should attend

Students who have completed Chinese Ink Painting III at LASALLE, or have experience and knowledge in drawing ink paintings. Students are expected to have some level of understanding of handling the materials and the right way of working on a Chinese ink painting. 

Eligible schemes / subsidies:
Claimable under SkillsFuture Credit


Note: Course fee not inclusive of application fee and GST.