Short Courses

Ceramics for Absolute Beginners I, II, III & IV

Use clay to form objects that are both functional and non-functional. Techniques covered in Part I include pinching, coiling and slab construction. Part II & III focuses on wheel-throwing techniques.

The prerequisite for level II and above courses is the completion of the previous level or prior experience. Applicants who wish to join level II and above and have prior experience in ceramics are required to submit art works for trainer’s review. Applicants with no prior experience are encouraged to start from level I.

About the trainers
Ahmad Abu Bakar is a distinguished artist and educator who graduated from LASALLE SIA College of the Arts and the University of Tasmania (Australia) with a strong academic background in ceramics and sculpture.

As an artist, he has showcased his works in various countries including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Australia, and Indonesia. Ahmad's artistic journey includes participating in prestigious events such as the Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale and the Singapore Biennale 2013, where he collaborated with inmates from Singapore Changi Prison. Ahmad's dedication to art extends to mentoring inmates in the Singapore Prison's arts programme, instilling creativity and fostering confidence through art-making. With extensive experience in the field, he currently serves as an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic and NIE (NTU), inspiring the next generation of artists.

Ivan Lee is a multitalented artist, educator and creative professional who has made significant contributions to the fields of graphic and motion design. With a deep passion for art, design and education, he seamlessly bridges these disciplines to create sensory experiences and innovative forms of visual communication.

As a dedicated educator, he understands the power of knowledge-sharing and is committed to inspiring the next generation of artists and designers. He actively engages in teaching, mentoring and conducting workshops to nurture creativity and critical thinking among aspiring designers. His teaching approach integrates theory and practice, encouraging students to explore the intersections of art, design, craft and technology.

Outside the realm of digital design, Ivan is a practicing ceramist. He finds solace in the tactile nature of clay, using it as a medium to express his artistic vision. Ivan's ceramic works are a testament to his craftsmanship and his ability to merge traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics. By experimenting with innovative forms and textures, he creates visually stunning and thought-provoking pieces that engage both the eye and the touch.

Note: Course trainers are, on occasion, subject to change with short notice.


Ceramics for Absolute Beginners I (Hand-building)

No. of classes Days Dates Time
8 Every Sat 6 Jul – 31 Aug 2024 10:00am – 1:00pm

Ceramics for Absolute Beginners II (Wheel-throwing)

No. of classes Days Dates Time
8 Every Sat 18 May – 6 Jul 2024 11:00am – 2:00pm

Ceramics for Absolute Beginners III (Wheel-throwing)

No. of classes Days Dates Time
8 Every Sat 23 Mar – 11 May 2024 8:00am – 11:00am / 11:00am – 2:00pm

Ceramics for Absolute Beginners IV (Wheel-throwing – Plates and Flat surfaces)

Available on demand / upon invitation. Register your interest at here.

Ceramics: Raku

No. of classes Days Dates Time
3 Every Sat 11 May – 25 May 2024 10:00am – 1:00pm and 10:00am – 3:00pm (Raku firing session)

Application Information

Course materials

To be advised before the course’s start date.
Cost of materials: approximately $60, to be purchased by participants.

Who should attend

Art students, art enthusiasts, teachers and/or anyone who are interested in developing their skills in clay making.

Eligible schemes / subsidies:
Claimable under SkillsFuture Credit

NAC-NICA Training Support and UTAP
applicable for: Ceramics III: Wheel Throwing

National Silver Academy (NSA) subsidy

Ceramics I - IV
$540.00 (per unit)

Ceramics: Raku

Note: Course fee not inclusive of application fee and GST.

Ceramics I - IV
$318.60 (per unit)
(after National Silver Academy (NSA) subsidy)

Ceramics: Raku
(after National Silver Academy (NSA) subsidy)

Note: NSA fee is inclusive of GST.