Short Courses

Ballet for Adults I & II

Ballet for Adults I (Beginners)
Go beyond the mere execution of steps and discover the understanding of ballet, its history and development of certain movements and traditions. Learn the basic principles of ballet, with an emphasis on safety and understanding of alignment and the biomechanics involved in executing particular ballet movements.

Ballet for Adults II (Intermediate)
This course builds upon the Ballet for Adults I (Beginners) course. A wider vocabulary of barre work, and centre work will be introduced. Participants are expected to have some level of understanding of safe turnout and foot control. The emphasis on safety and understanding of alignment/biomechanics in movement will be reinforced alongside the vocabulary of ballet steps. 

About the trainer
Jocelyn Chng is a passionate ballet instructor with ten years of experience. In 2018, she earned a PG Dip in Education (Dance Teaching) from the University of Bath. Alongside her teaching, Jocelyn maintains a personal dance and theatre practice, driven by a keen interest in personal and cultural histories.

Jocelyn incorporates somatic approaches into her teaching of ballet, firmly believing in fostering a safe and respectful learning environment. She aims to dispel common misconceptions about ballet, challenging the notion that ballet is only for certain body types. Instead, she emphasises that ballet is a movement form that should respect the body's structure and biomechanics.

Note: Course trainers are, on occasion, subject to change with short notice.


Ballet for Adults I (Beginners)

No. of classes Days Dates Time
8 Every Thu 20 Jun – 8 Aug 2024 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Ballet for Adults II (Intermediate)

No. of classes Days Dates Time
8 Every Thu 25 Apr – 13 Jun 2024 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Application Information

Course materials

Comfortable attire in which you can move freely and easily.

Who should attend

Ballet for Adults I (Beginners): Adults and seniors who have little or no previous experience with ballet, and/or anyone interested in ballet. Participants should be aged 18 years and above.

Ballet for Adults II (Intermediate): Attended at least two runs of LASALLE Short Courses Ballet for Adults I (Beginners), or have at least six months of beginner ballet experience. In addition to basic barre work, participants should know the following vocabulary and be able to execute at least one version of: glissade, pas de bourrée, assemblé, jeté ordinaire.


Eligible schemes / subsidies:
Claimable under SkillsFuture Credit

NAC-NICA Training Support and UTAP
applicable for: Ballet for Adults I (Beginners)

National Silver Academy (NSA) subsidy


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