A joint partnership by LASALLE College of the Arts and the National Arts Council (NAC), the Community Arts Mentorship Programme (CAMP) is targeted at LASALLE alumni to meaningfully expand their artistic practice and competencies through hands-on learning and collaborative approaches. With a strong focus on community arts engagement, CAMP harnesses the artistic skills and capabilities of mentees to connect and strengthen communities, in and through the arts.

Each CAMP project addresses one of the following areas:
• Neighbourhood-centric (e.g. social mixing, sense of belonging)
• Social service (e.g. underserved communities)
• Seniors
• Intergenerational relationships



Mentors: A’Shua Imran, Kamini Ramachandran, Zulkarnaen Othman (Zero)
Project assistant: Amirah Raudhah Bte Razali
Mentees: Lim Yu Zhi, Tiffany Ann Dass, Foo Hui Wen, Muhammad Masuri Bin Mazlan, Siti Nurrahimah Bte Abdul Rahim, Tan Xiao Ting

Project details

Mentor A'Shua Imran together with mentees Yu Zhi and Tiffany reached out to Gladiolus Place, a residential refuge for teenage girls. They conducted four workshops for the residents there culminating in a mural painting on a wall in the residence.

Mentor Kamini Ramachandran together with mentees Hui Wen and Masuri curated workshops for seniors at the Thye Hua Kwan Senior Activities Centre in Kaki Bukit. They conducted six workshops focusing on cyanotype printmaking and mixed media collage and stamping.

Mentor Zero together with mentees Nurrahimah and Xiao Ting worked with an established volunteer group running the Wormy World Programme in the MacPherson area. They conducted six workshops for participants to experience various types of arts through creation and a visit to a void deck community gallery.



Mentors: Justin Lee and Angie Seah
Project assistant: Stacy Huang
Mentees: Amirah Raudhah bte Razali, Mithra d/o Jeevananthan, Lim Yu Jing, Rashi He Peizhen

Project details

Mentor Justin Lee together with mentees Amirah and Mithra worked with Very Special Arts which provides opportunities for people with disabilities to be involved in the arts. A total of eight workshops were conducted focusing on self-portraiture – using colours, memory-associated objects and sound to create art.

Mentor Angie Seah together with mentees Yu Jing and Rashi reached out to AWWA which empowers the disadvantaged. They conducted four workshops, focusing on self-portraiture, equipping beneficiaries with the experience and skills to create functional art through clay.




CAMP was launched.
Mentors: Justin Lee and Angie Seah
Mentees: Stacy Huang and Dominic Tong

Project details

Four workshops were conducted with seniors at the Tsao Foundation.
Workshop 1 – Food printing
Workshop 2 – Photogram and pinhole camera
Workshop 3 – Lantern making
Workshop 4 – Shaving cream marbling