BA(Hons) Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions


As LASALLE is a private institution, are fees much higher than that at the government institutions?

In late 1998, the Singapore government announced plans to upgrade LASALLE to play a central role in the development of creative and artistic manpower in Singapore. The upgrading plans included granting LASALLE with financial support from the Ministry of Education. Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents are eligible for subsidised fees for BA(Hons) programmes under the Ministry of Education’s Tuition Grant Scheme.


Admissions typically open in October for the following August intake

Click here for more information about the application procedures and deadline.

How many intakes are there per year?

There is only one intake per year, starting in August.

When can I apply for admission? When do applications close? How do I apply for admission?

Admissions typically open in October for the following August intake. Click here for more information about the application procedures and deadline.

Does Singapore’s MOE recognise Goldsmiths?

Yes, MOE supports LASALLE’s partnership with Goldsmiths by providing funding to all its BA(Hons) programmes. Over the years, MOE has been sending scholarship students to Goldsmiths.

Is Goldsmiths recognised internationally? How does it rank among the top UK institutions?

Yes, Goldsmiths is an internationally renowned educational institution with acknowledged strength in contemporary arts research. It is one of the top art colleges in the UK and well respected internationally.

The following departments in Goldsmiths were ranked in the top 20 nationally:

  • Sociology (ranked 1st, equal with Essex, Manchester and York)
  • Communication, Cultural and Media Studies (ranked 4th, equal with London School of Economics)
  • Anthropology (ranked 8th, equal with Oxford, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Art and Design (ranked 14th, equal with Birmingham City and Dundee)
  • Music (ranked 14th, equal with Bristol, City, Huddersfield, Royal Academy of Music and Glasgow)
  • Drama, Dance and Performing Arts (ranked 15th, equal with Birmingham, Roehampton and Aberystwyth)
  • History of Art (ranked 17th, equal with Cambridge, School of Oriental and African Studies and Aberdeen)
Will I be getting a degree from LASALLE or Goldsmiths?

If you are a Degree graduate, you will be awarded a Goldsmiths Degree (BA/MA).

Can I transfer to another university midway through the BA(Hons) programme at LASALLE?

There is no direct transfer arrangement with other universities. If you wish to transfer to another university, you need to apply to the desired university and meet their admission requirements.

Can I further my studies at Goldsmiths after graduating from LASALLE?

Yes, you may do so, subject to prevailing admission requirements of Goldsmiths.

What qualifications will I get at the end of my study?

At the end of your three-year study, you will be awarded a BA(Hons) degree.

If I have started a similar course of study at another institution and decide to transfer to LASALLE, will I receive advanced standing when I enter LASALLE?

You may receive advanced standing or Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) if the qualification you have is recognised by LASALLE. In some instances, students have enrolled directly into the second year of the Diploma/BA(Hons) programme.

What if I don’t meet the minimum entry requirements, am I automatically not eligible to apply?

We have provisions for special entry for which each application is considered on a case-by-case basis. Considerations include the standard of your portfolio, references and relevant work experience.

Cancellation of Programmes

LASALLE reserves the right to cancel any class for pedagogical reasons if it does not meet the minimum class size. LASALLE is unable to accept liability for the cancellation of proposed programmes of study prior to their scheduled start.