Milenko Prvački


Milenko Prvački

Senior Fellow
Milenko Prvacki
  • Master of Fine Arts (Painting) Institute of Fine Art, Bucharest, Romania

Born in 1951 in Yugoslavia, Milenko graduated with a Master of Fine Arts (Painting) from the Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romania. He is one Singapore’s foremost art educators, having commenced teaching at LASALLE College of the Arts since 1994. He was Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts for 17 years and currently holds the position of Senior Fellow.

Since 1971, Milenko has exhibited extensively in Europe. He has also participated in numerous showcases in public spaces and galleries in Singapore since 1993. With recent solo shows held in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Jakarta, Milenko also took part in recent group shows held at the Museum of Modern Art in Antwerp, Belgium, the Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles, the National University of Singapore Museum, Singapore and the Sydney Biennale, Australia.

The artist has also participated in numerous symposiums and art workshops worldwide, including a panel discussion on Southeast Asian art held at the Singapore Art Museum in 2011, an artist talk at the Istanbul Biennale in 2007, a discussion on Southeast Asian art in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 2001, as well as acted as visiting professor at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and Sabanchi University in Istanbul. His works are in the permanent collection of the Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore and Museum of Contemporary Drawing, Nurnberg, Germany, among others. 

Milenko became a Singapore citizen in 2002 and was conferred the prestigious Cultural Medallion Award for visual arts in 2012.

  • Cultural Medallion Award, Singapore (2012)
  • Chevalier de L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France (2011)
Research and practice

Solo exhibitions (select)

  • Abstraction for Beginners, HAOS Gallery; Belgrade, Serbia (2019)
  • Construction Cite 2016, Installation (with Delia Prvacki), Esplanade; Singapore (2016)
  • E La Nave Va, iPreciation Gallery; Singapore (2015)
  • Johor Strait, Building Bridge Art Foundation, Baik Art, Bergamont Station Art Centre; Santa Monica, USA Art Stage, Singapore, iPreciation Gallery, Singapore (2014)
  • Milenko Prvacki: A Survey, 1979-2012, curated by Dr. Charles Merewether, Institute of Contemporary Art, LASALLE College of the Arts; Singapore (2012)
  • Trajectory (with Delia Prvacki), Combinart Studio; Singapore (2009)
  • Now you see it, now you don’t (with Delia Prvacki), Combinart; Singapore (2008)
  • Remembrance of Things Past, iPreciation Gallery, Hong Kong Review (2007)
  • Construction cite, Museum of Contemporary Art; Sydney, Australia (2006)
  • Recollection, TAKSU Gallery; Singapore (2006)

    Group exhibitions (select)

    • Sava Stepanov Collection, Gallery Matica Srpska; Novi Sad, Serbia (2019)
    • 2nd Children Biennale (with Delia Prvacki), National Gallery Singapore; Singapore (2019)
    • Hyper realism and Postmodernism, Contemporary Art Gallery; Zrenjanin, Serbia (2019)
    • VIII Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art (2018)
    • Departure 3, iPreciation Gallery; Singapore (2018)
    • Art New York, Pier 94, presented by Art Miami; USA (2018)
    • Hangzhou Gallery; China (2018)
    • EC Gallery; Singapore (2018)
    • Tao Hua Tan 1st International Artists Residency Exhibition; Xuancheng, China (2017)
    • Hearing Images & Seeing Sound, DG Visual Art Centre, Singapore Asian Art Revisited, Art Forum Gallery; Singapore (2017)
    • A Home Anywhere, 18th Street Art Centre; Santa Monica, USA (2017)
    • Art New York (Art Miami); New York, USA (2016)
    • 80by80 @Jendela Gallery, Esplanade; Singapore (2016)
    • Departure 2, iPreciation Gallery, Singapore Group exhibition, Baik Art Gallery; Los Angeles, USA (2016)
    • Permanent collection, National Gallery Singapore; Singapore (2015)
    • Art Far Paris, Grand Palace, France (2015)
    • Portable Art Week, iPreciation Gallery; Singapore (2015)
    • Art Silicon Valley; San Francisco, USA (2015)
    • A new Dialogue, Southeast Asian Abstraction, Sotheby’s; Singapore and Hong Kong (2015)
    • The Cultural Medallion and Visual Arts, Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries 1 & 2, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts; Singapore (2015)
    • Market Forces, Erasure: From Conceptualism to Abstraction, curated by Dr Charles Merewether, Osage Gallery and City University of Hong Kong; Hong Kong (2014)
    • Passage (with Delia Prvacki), The Luxe Art Museum; Singapore (2014)
    • Departure 1, iPreciation Gallery; Singapore (2014)
    • Art Stage, iPreciation Gallery; Singapore (2014)
    • Do you believe in Angels?, curated by Tony Godfrey, M0_Space; Manila, Philippines and Singapore (2014)
    • We do, we do Art, One East Asia Gallery; Singapore (2014)
    • Paper, AndrewShire Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2013)
    • Painting in Singapore, curated by Tony Godfrey, Equator Art Project, Singapore (2013)
    • Island Vernacular, Milenko Prvacki and Ian Woo, curated by Christopher Cook, Peninsula Arts with Plymouth University; UK (2013)
    • The Realm in the Mirror, the Vision out of Image, An Exhibition of Singapore Contemporary Art curated by Feng Boyi,
 Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum; China (2013)
    • Postmodernism in Vojvodina (1976–1990), curated by Svetlana Mladenov, Museum of Contemporary Art Voivodina, Novi Sad and Gallery Kulturni Centre Belgrade; Serbia (2013)
    • Cascadence – SG redux, curated by Joanna Lee, iPreciation Gallery; Singapore (2013)
    • Panorama, Recent Art from Contemporary Asia, Singapore Art Museum; Singapore (2012)
    • The same rain, the same wind, Chiang Mai University Art Centre; Thailand (2012) 
    • Decode/Recode, Media City, University of Salford; Manchester, UK (2012)
    • 9+1, Sabanchi University Gallery; Istanbul, Turkey (2012)
    • Love Letter to Surrogate, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen; Belgium (2011)
    • LASALLE–NAFA Show, Institute of Contemporary Art, LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts; Singapore (2011)
    • 9, Praxis Space, Institute of Contemporary Art, LASALLE College of the Arts; Singapore (2011). 
    • Love Letter to Surrogate, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, USA (2010)
    • The Burden of Representation: Abstraction in Asia Today, curated by Eugene Tan, Osage Gallery; Hong Kong and Shanghai (2010)


    Symposiums and art workshops

    • 1st Tao Hua Tan, International Artist Retreat and Painting Residence; China (2017)
    • Keynote speaker, Art World Forum; Singapore (2017)
    • Art residency at 18th Street Art Centre; Santa Monica, USA (2017)
    • Visiting Professor, RMIT University, School of Art; Melbourne, Australia (2016)
    • Art Residency at 18th Street Art Centre; Santa Monica, USA (2016)
    • Keppel Centre for Education (50 works), National Gallery Singapore; Singapore (2015)
    • Visiting Professor, University of Washington, School of Art; Seattle, USA (2014)
    • Art Residency at 18th Street Art Centre; Santa Monica, USA (2013)
    • Panel discussion, Contemporary South East Asian Painting, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore (2011)
    • Visiting Professor at Sabanchi University, Istanbul, Turkey (2010)


    Curated exhibitions

    • Image and sound of Fragrance, UltraSuperNew Gallery; Singapore (2018)
    • Departure 3, iPreciation Gallery; Singapore (2018)
    • Departure 2, iPreciation Gallery; Singapore (2016)
    • Departure 1, iPreciation Gallery; Singapore (2014)
    • The same rain, The same wind, International Exhibition, University Art Centre, Chang Mai University; Thailand (2012)
    • That’s another story, Praxis Space, Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts; Singapore (2010)



    • Founder and organiser, Tropical Lab, international postgraduate art camp
    • Editor, Tropical Lab Press
    • Founder and editor, Praxis Press
    • Founder and editor, ISSUE
    • Editor, LASALLE’s first book on research.
    • Supervisor, MA Fine Arts
    • Group critique leader, Fine Arts
    Research Interests
    • Comparative history
    • Displacement
    • Memory
    • Visual dictionary
    • Visual collections
    • Abstraction