DrLeela Alaniz


Dr Leela Alaniz

Lecturer, Acting
Dr Leela Alaniz
  • PhD (Theatre), Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris III, France
  • MA (Theatre), Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris III, France
  • MA (Theatre), Vincennes-Saint-Denis University, Paris VIII, France
  • BA (Theatre), CAL – University CAL de Artes Cênicas, Brazil

Leela Alaniz is a Franco-Brazilian actress and Artistic Director of Paris-based theatre company Pas de Dieux. Her career consists of a constant round-trip movement between the practice and theory of theatre. With over 20 years of practice and research in Theatre Anthropology and Corporeal Mime, Leela has performed and directed several plays, toured in numerous countries and taught courses in the US, Europe and South America.

After attaining a double major in Physical Education and Theatre Studies in Brazil, Leela received a scholarship grant to participate in UTA, a centre of research for Theatre Anthropology in Brazil. Thereafter, she founded and directed the Casa de Artes BAKA, a multicultural arts centre.

She was a Research Scholar at Pomona College, California for five years as a practice researcher and performer under the direction of Thomas Leabhart, spending one year in Paris as his assistant.

In 2008, she directed a devised work, The Divine Wind and Tears Lost in the Rain, for Intercultural Theatre (ITI) Singapore. . Leela then went on to become a full-time professor of Movement for Acting and Performance at ITI from 2012 to 2014.

She has two Masters degrees – one in Performing Arts from Vincennes-Saint-Denis University, Paris VIII and the other in Research for Theatre and Performing Arts from Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris III. Her Masters thesis concerning ‘The dynamo-rhythm of Etienne Decroux’ was published in Mime Journal, Pomona College (California) in 2013.

She also has a PhD in Theatre Studies from Sorbonne Nouvelle University – Paris III. Her doctoral dissertation entitled ‘The Thinking Body, the Dancing Mind – The Actor in his Quest for the Lost Unity’ will soon be published.

  • Body, Arts and Spirituality in François Delsarte (1811-1871): a dynamic of expressive somatic education, translation, Revista Cena, n° 24, UFRGS University (2018).
  • The Corporeal Mime of Étienne Decroux and the search for expressiveness according to the Grotowskian perspective of artificiality, Revista Cena, n° 23, UFRGS University (2017).
  • The Dynamo-Rhythm of Etienne Decroux and His Successors, Mime Journal: Vol. 24, Article 2. DOI: 10.5642/mimejournal.20132401.02 (2013).
  • Dynamo/Rhythm: Study and Transformation of the Movement’s Qualities of the Performer, SBPC, Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciência, 69° Reunião Annual, UFMG University; Brazil (2017).
  • Dynamo/Rhythm and Counterweight an experimental study on the drama of the body in scenic space, Post-Doctorate Programme UFRGS University; Brazil (2017/2018).
Research Practice

Performances (Choreographer and Director)

  • Business is Business; Paris, France (2009).
  • Divine Wind and Tears Lost in The Rain, ITI; Singapore (2008).
  • La Ville de Contrastes; Paris, France (2007).
  • Don Qui; Paris, France (2006).
  • Living Water – Movement Assistant; Paris, France (2004).
  • Children of Izieu; Choreography, Paris, France (2003).
  • Myths from Around the World Movement Coach; California, US (2002).


Performances (Actress/Performer)

  • The World Is Round; Paris, Spain, Brazil, US (2004).
  • Wars I Have Seen; Paris, France (2003).
  • Koan, Dance-Dense Festival; Paris, France (2003).
  • Compositions; Paris, France (2000).
  • Corporeality; California, US (2000).
  • Duo; Orange County Museum; California, US (2000).
  • Biennale des Arts du Mime et du Geste – Organisation as a member of the Collectif des Arts du Mime et du Geste, École Superieur d’Art Dramatique; Paris, France (2015).
  • Journée d’étude international – “Héritages et transculturalité en arts du spectacle vivant’, directed by Dr. Katia Legeret – Mediator, Paris VIII University; Paris, France (2015).
  • UNIRIO, UFRGS, UDESC – Brazil Universities – Lectures/Demonstrations (2007).
  • Matières en conversation – Performed repertory piece The Washerwomen of Etienne Decroux, Théâtre du Lierre, organized by Théâtre du Mouvement; Paris, France (2005).



  • The Thinking Body, the Dancing Mind – the Actor in his Search for the Lost Unity; France and UK (forthcoming 2020/2021).
  • Scholarship CAPES/BRAZIL for Post-Doctorate Program – UFRGS University (2017).
  • Grand Jury Prize for directing Don Qui – Festival Ici et Demain; Paris (2006).
  • Special Prize of SATED for the direction of Casa de Artes Baka – Cultural Center; Brazil (1994).
  • Prize Scholarship – Public selection for Research Nucleus U.T.A. for actor training research. Work based on Theatre Anthropology (1992).
Research Interests
  • Actor’s Training, East & West Theatre transversality, Theatre Danced & Dance Theatre, Physical Theatre, Biomechanics and Corporeal Mime.