Kathryn Shannon Sim


Kathryn Shannon Sim

Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
  • Masters in Mass Communication, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
  • BA in Fine Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • Diploma in Fine Art (Painting), LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore

Kathryn Shannon Sim, also known as Shannon by many has worked with people from diverse professional settings as a copywriter, editor, writer, journalist, designer and business owner in her much-decorated work experience.

As an active design practitioner, Shannon finds herself engaging in challenging contemporary design practices and expanding the fields of fashion, technology, entrepreneurship, commerce and design. The string of accolades she has garnered from her extensive portfolio of award-winning works is an affirmation of her worth as an ideas- and innovation-driven individual.

Shannon believes in engaging others in challenging, worthwhile ideas. As an educator, she positions herself as a knowledgeable collaborator, rather than an information provider. Throughout her illustrated 13 years of teaching, many of her students have gone on to become successful in their career endeavours. Their achievements have validated her pedagogical philosophy and related ideas for educating students to become agents of transformative change in their role as creative individuals.

Shannon is currently the Lecturer-in-Charge for the BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Industries programme at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She teaches in the School of Fashion, focusing on fashion and technology, business of fashion, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media for fashion, user experience, service design, branding and visual communication.

Research Interests
  • Teaching the New Generation: Social Media as the New Teaching and Learning Method
  • Design Education in Singapore
  • Trend Spotting and the Next Shift in Advertising
  • Research for Strategies: The Key to Successful Advertising