Janet Teoh


Janet Teoh

Lecturer, Pastoral Care
Janet Teoh
  • MFA (Fine Arts), RMIT University, Australia 
  • BA Honours (Fine Arts), RMIT University, Australia

Janet Teoh is a studio-practising artist and an experienced educator who has demonstrated leadership by leading several programmes in her teaching career. She was formerly the Programme Leader for level one of the Diploma in Visual Studies, Director for the 3-Dimensional Studies Diploma programme and Programme Leader for the diploma and undergraduate programmes in Jewellery Design.

Janet’s current role in conceptualising and providing pastoral support to students’ well-being related to their learning and academic pursuit leverages on her extensive experience working with young adults. She is certified as a Mindfulness Facilitator, leading mindfulness practice and meditation in the College and community. Her pedagogical approach integrates mindfulness into the curriculum to cultivate deepened awareness, concentration and insight into teaching and learning.

As a studio-practising artist with 28 years of experience, Janet has developed her own studio space and has continued her artistic practice after graduation from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Master of Fine Art in Gold and Silversmith. She has acquired extensive specialised skills and knowledge in Gold and Silversmithing, which involves the conceptual development and making of body ornaments, wearable sculpture and art, as well as fashion accessories. Her body of work has evolved through the placement of three-dimensional sculptural forms on the human body and as installation art. Her creations display fine details in design and construction, showcasing her ability to work with a wide range of materials, such as paper, plastic, metals, reprocessed objects, fabric and fibre. She participates in exhibitions both locally and internationally, featuring works that re-define the conventional value of jewellery with an imaginative aesthetic and methodology dealing with techniques and materials.

  • Fabricated ring was selected for publication in 1000 Rings, a Lark Book’s Publication (2004)
  • Pulp, in Inspire Magazine (1st issue), Singapore (2001)
  • Mokume received the Singapore Fashion Awards Moet & Chandon – “Fresh!” as Fashion Jeweller of the Year (2004)
  • The Award Winning Collection, Singapore Diamond Design, Diamond Exchange of Singapore & Singapore Jewellers Association (1992)
  • 2nd Prize, Jewellery Design Competition 1991, The Design Centre & S’pore International Pte Ltd (1991)
Research and Practice
  • Represented Singapore as Head of Delegation at the People-to-People Exchange Programme: ASEAN Cultural Interaction at the Grassroots, Phase III, in Mandalay, Myanmar (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and presented a paper on Contemporary Jewellery Practice
  • Reinforced the practice of contemporary jewellery in Singapore by setting up a jewellery retail brand, Mokume (2003–2005)
  • Currently committed to the progress of the Faculty programme ensuring that research and creativity have been embedded in the educational development and pastoral support system
  • Years of experience as a studio-practising artist with an imaginative aesthetic and methodology dealing with techniques and materials. Working at the cutting-edge of professional expertise and knowledge in the area of wearable art. The creative process and output stretches the boundaries of what is understood to be contemporary jewellery in Southeast Asia; aims to introduce and develop this art-making platform on the local art scene



  • Solo Exhibition, OBSESSIONS, Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, The Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Singapore (2020)
  • HIKAYAT SANG KANCIL (Legend of the Mouse Deer), Project Space & Praxis Space, The Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore; Singapore (2017)
  • Metamorphosis, Project Space & Praxis Space, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts; Singapore (2016)
  • Fish Umbrella, Project Space & Praxis Space, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts; Singapore (2014)
  • Spring International Design Trend, KSDT (Korea Society Design Trend) International Design Trend Exhibition; South Korea (2013)
  • dialogue Project Space, LASALLE College of the Arts; Singapore (2010)
  • Pameran Poskad10, my art space; Singapore (2010)
  • Pameran Poskad08 HOUSE, Dempsey Hill; Singapore (2008)
  • 200 RINGS Traveling Exhibition – Obsidian Gallery, Tucson, USA, Gallery M for 2005 SNAG Conference in Cleveland, USA; Sam Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine, USA; North Carolina State University Museum, USA; Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, USA; Facere Gallery, Seattle, USA (2005)
  • Singapore Fashion Week March Fashion Show, Orchard Point OG; Singapore (2004).
  • Walk with Style – Fashion Wear, Milenia Walk, South Galleria, Singapore (2004).
  • Skinned; Earl Lu Gallery; Singapore (2003)
  • Portraits Reassessed, Earl Lu Gallery; Singapore (2002)
  • Master of Fine Art, Earl Lu Gallery II; Singapore (2002)
  • Women Beyond Boarder, Sculpture Square, KK Women’s & Children Hospital; Singapore (2001)
  • Too2, The Gallery Evason; Singapore (2001)
  • Heart, Soul & Mind, Wetterling Teo Gallery; Singapore (2001)
  • Circling the Square, Earl Lu Gallery; Singapore (2001)
  • Talente 2000 International Competition in Crafts, Design & Technology; Munich, Germany (2000)
  • Secret Places, Sculpture Square; Singapore (2000)
  • ITAMI (’99 International Craft Exhibition), The Museum of Art & Crafts; Japan (1999)
  • Master of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, Earl Lu Gallery; Singapore (1999)
  • Topographies, LASALLE Gallery; Singapore (1999)
  • Carte Blanche, Alliance Francaise; Singapore (1999)
  • Sura4, Caldwell House Gallery, CHIJMES; Singapore (1999)
  • Art in Alternative Spaces, Space C: Window Front, Raffles City; Singapore (1999)
  • Mapping the Landscape Artists’ Residence; Canberra, Australia (1998)
  • RMIT Master of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, Span Gallery; Melbourne, Australia (1998)
  • Master in Progress, LASALLE Gallery; Singapore (1998)
  • Semiosis, Earl Lu Gallery; Singapore (1998)
  • Sura 3, CHIJMES, Caldwell House Gallery; Singapore (1998)
  • Symphony of Art, Private Gallery@Camborne Road; Singapore (1997)
  • Master in Progress, LASALLE Gallery; Singapore (1997)
  • SIA Heritage Exhibition 50th Anniversary, Singapore Training Centre; Singapore (1997)
  • Look, Earl Lu Gallery; Singapore (1997)
  • Suara 2, Earl Lu Gallery; Singapore (1996)
  • Emailieren, LASALLE-SIA College; Singapore (1996)
  • Graduate Show, RMIT West Bank; Melbourne, Australia (1994)
  • Australian Gold, Design Centre; Singapore (1994)
  • Glass Jewellery, Design Centre; Singapore (1993)
  • Designers’ Design, LASALLE Gallery; Singapore (1992)
  • Fine Object, Australian High Commission; Singapore (1992)
  • Harvest Diploma Show; LASALLE Gallery & Design Centre; Singapore
Current Research and Practice
  • Pastoral care in tertiary education through the development of soft skills and life-long learning skills that helps students cope with learning while in college and upon graduation
  • Continued art-making to enhance and expand the understanding and appreciation in Singapore of a specific area of artist practice, namely wearable art in the context of contemporary jewellery
  • Development of new approaches to the display of wearable sculpture forms to encourage the audience to value this unfamiliar definition and to expand their imaginations
Research Interests
  • Develop pastoral care at tertiary level for the three-years diploma programme and in the area of special educational needs
  • Integrate wearable fashion with sculptural forms to create varied dimensions of wearable art