Dirk Johan Stromberg


Dirk Johan Stromberg

Senior Lecturer, Audio Production
  • Master of Music in Composition, Brooklyn College, USA
  • Bachelor of Music in Composition, Texas Tech University, USA

Dirk is an American improviser, composer, and music technologist whose body of work explores dynamic interaction between performer, technology and performance practice, often questioning how performers interact and perceive technology in improvisation. Designing electronic instrument hardware and software is an integral part of the process and has led him to the development of several instruments.

Dirk’s music has been performed in Europe, Asia and the United States. He has released two albums with the Turkish improvisation group Islak Kopek as a performer and engineer, and his music appears on a number of compilations. In de Knipscheer released a two-CD set of his composition, Tropendrift, in 2006, a collaboration with Dutch poet Albert Hagenaars.

He has been a composer in residence at STEIM (Studio for Electronic Instrumental Music) and Brooklyn Center for Computer Music and has received recognition for his work from ISAM (Institute for Study in American Music) and MATA (Music at the Anthology). His 2008 album, Islak Kopek, was in the top 20 albums in Turkey for 2009.

Dirk was a founder of the ContemeControlmporary Music Festival in Ho Chi Minh City and was formerly faculty staff at Istanbul Bilgi University and Saigon Technology University.

Research and Practice
  • Guiding Words – interdisciplinary production. System Design, Sound Reinforcement, Music Director. Presented as Part of SG50 (2015)
  • Zeitgeist – performance. Technical Director. Presented at Esplanade, Singapore (2012–2014)
  • Asian Composers’ Forum – performance. Technical Director. Presented at YST, Singapore (2013)
  • xxxx:time:space – interdisciplinary production. Systems design, Electronic Instrument Design, Composer. Presented at ArtScience Museum, Singapore (2015); LASALLE College of the Arts in conjunction with National Arts Council, Singapore (2014)
  • Strombophone – electronic instrument design, interaction and synthesis. Presented at Music Tech Fest, Umea, Sweden (2009–2014)
  • The Sphere – electronic instrument design, interaction and synthesis. Presented at Soundislands 15, Singapore (2014)
  • Tongues – interdisciplinary performance, systems design, reinforcement, performer and composer. Presented as part of the M1 Fringe Festival, Singapore (2012)
  • Trioture – electro-acoustic trio. Performer and Composer. Presented at Duong Dai Festival Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2013), School of the Arts Singapore (2014) and Duong Dai Festival, Hanoi (2014)
  • Spacial Harp – electronic instrument design. Interaction design and synthesis. Presented at Duong Dai Festival, Hanoi (2014) 
Research Interests
  • Audio
  • Sound
  • Synthesis
  • Instrument design
  • Recording