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Unlearning Realities – Reimagining Futures symposium

Unlearning realities

Date & Time

Date: Thu 5 Oct – Fri 6 Oct 2023
Time: 3:00pm – 8:00pm


This is a hybrid event. You are welcome to join us on-campus at LASALLE or online from wherever you are.


Free. Please register here.



Recent changes have significantly impacted humanity, necessitating a rethinking of established ways of living in the world. Individuals and societies are now at a crossroads: are existing practices sufficient to navigate contemporary realities, or must we unlearn previously accepted notions, findings and frameworks to reimagine the future?

The concept of unlearning is multifaceted and can be approached and explored from a variety of perspectives – whether the emphasis is placed upon an individualist shedding of traditional modes of thinking, as suggested by Heidegger, or upon a collective critical engagement with society, towards reshaping and dismantling existing systems of power, as proposed by Freire. Any approach to unlearning is underpinned by the principle that growth and change require an openness to questioning and challenging preconceived notions.

Embracing a cross-disciplinary approach towards frameworks of unlearning and reimagining, this two-day symposium brings together practitioners and researchers to explore avenues through which the concept of unlearning can lead to innovation for education, the arts and communities.

Blurring STEAM
Shifting Roles
Dislocating Technology
Memory Systems: Archiving, Curating, Breathing

Round Table discussion
Reimagining Pedagogies

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This symposium is an initiative by Learning, Teaching and Research – LASALLE in collaboration with the Cultures – Histories and Futures theme group of Shared Campus.

Symposium committee members: Dr Wolfgang Muench, Dr James Felix, Shannon Sim, Phoenix Fry and Dr Damaris Carlisle.