MA Fine Arts

Fine Artist


Course Duration: 1.5 years (3 semesters)
Mode: Full-time



Commencement Date: Jan

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As a Fine Artist, you are dedicated to advancing your art making and to developing a rigorous research and studio practice whereby you conceptualise, evaluate and analyse your process, pushing the boundaries in relation to your own social and cultural context, and the theoretical discourse around your practice. Whether focusing your research area within a certain mode of expression, or choosing to work via an interdisciplinary approach, the MA Fine Arts Programme enables you to cultivate your practice through a firm grounding in studio experimentation and innovation.

The Programme has unrelentingly worked at preparing our graduates for a rapidly-evolving art landscape. Historically, Singapore’s strategic position has enabled it to play a critical role in mediating the communication between Southeast Asia and the world. Concurrently, Singapore’s committed investment in arts infrastructure has created a burgeoning arts industry that not only creates market opportunities for artists but also facilitates the art-related negotiations as a meeting ground for renowned artistic talent and discourse to cross-pollinate.

Central to the Programme’s philosophy is the role of the artist in developing your own research-based practice. Believing that it is not enough to merely mirror global trends, the Programme is the only practice-based programme in Singapore that prizes multidisciplinary while generating individual self-discipline, knowledge, and discoveries that enable the realisation of your artistic vocabulary. The programme also prides itself in working towards the sustainability of an artist.

The MA Fine Arts Programme is a one-and-a-half year programme over three semesters where alongside rigorous studio-based training, candidates will acquire a critical, theoretical, and historical discourses that inform their contemporary artistic practice.

At LASALLE, you will receive quality education that integrates research and practice. You will develop your abilities to conceptualise creatively, reflect upon your practice, and grow your individual and collaborative skills. The Programme’s stellar, dedicated faculty spans a wide range of academic and artistic backgrounds as well as geographies. Accomplished academics and artists in their own right, they provide candidates with individualised attention and support alongside a distinguished roster of guest lecturers, international artists, curators and critics amidst the vibrant ecosystem of fellow candidates.

The Programme is committed to providing a conducive learning environment not just as a result of Singapore’s strategic geographic and culturally-connected position in Southeast Asia, but also leveraging the LASALLE integrated arts campus context (alongside faculties of Media Arts, Design, Performing Arts and Creative Industries). Through such a rich context and diverse international exposure, candidates have ample opportunities to further contemporary art discourses through their own research and practice, and graduate with global appeal.


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