Diploma in Music

Concert Musician, Studio Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Composer/Arranger, Product Specialist 

Course Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full Time



Commencement Date: Aug

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The Diploma in Music at LASALLE is contemporary in focus, teaching music that is relevant and valued in today’s culture. It is a hands-on programme that prepares students for entry into the contemporary music industry in Singapore and the region. Over three years, you will develop instrumental or voice technique, study music theory, sight-reading and aural training and receive regular performance opportunities. 

A unique aspect of the programme is the emphasis on developing singer-songwriters, you will also gain experience in composing songs. A typical week involves you rehearsing and performing in a number of different ensembles, receiving small-group lessons on your chosen instrument or voice, composing songs, learning about the history of music and being mentored by some of the most experienced musicians and educators in the region. The programme provides opportunities for you to perform in studios and in performance venues, developing your individual stage presence, which is a crucial factor in becoming a successful performing musician. 

To prepare you for entry into the music industry, the syllabus and assessments are benchmarked with industry standards. Through a progressive structure of modules and assessments, you will be taken step-by-step through the building blocks of musicianship and performance to become confident members of the entertainment industry. 

In Level 1, you will share many common modules across the Diplomas in the School of Contemporary Music and the School of Dance & Theatre. These shared modules aim to provide you with a comprehensive basic knowledge and grounding in the basic creative processes, technical and academic skills essential for progressing to Levels 2 and 3. The modules also allow for diagnostic and formative teaching to ensure you have made the appropriate choice in Diploma in Audio Production. 

In Level 2, you will be developed in skills, knowledge, problem-solving and in work methods. You will be placed in professionally structured projects and productions reflecting industry practice. Skills and knowledge are continually applied in projects and productions. 

In Level 3, you will undertake modules that may include self-devised/directed studies or projects. Industry placements will assist you to gain an accurate understanding of the performing industries through personal involvement in a preferred field with an industry professional or company. These placements allow you to apply your studio and academic, understandings and achievements to the diverse expectations of a vital and demanding industry. In the Community Engagement module, you will learn from non-profit organisations or community-interest-led projects where you will identify community problems and issues of social concern of your chosen area of study could address and/or change. Using the skill sets and research methods learned, you will be asked to be creative and effective in proposing solutions to such problems and issues. 

Career Paths: Concert Musician, Studio Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Composer/Arranger, Product Specialist 

Related Careers: Producer, Music Reviewer, Voice Talent, Vocal Coach 

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