Diploma in Fine Arts


Diploma in Fine Arts

Assistant Art Conservator and Restorer, Museum Gallery Assistant, Graphic Novel Artist, Model and Prop Maker, Painter, Printmaker, Photographer, Sculptor and more.

Course Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full Time



Commencement Date: Aug

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At LASALLE, we strongly believe that the process of art making demands the acquisition and development of strong knowledge and skills in materials, accompanied by a reflexive understanding of this knowledge that are then continually tested and extended through relevant practical application. Steered with that belief, the teaching and learning approach for the Diploma programme is grounded primarily on a practice-based methodology, with an emphasis on the development of each individual’s creative processes and discoveries that are honed by community engagement projects and a strong understanding in Art History and ideas. 

The Diploma in Fine Arts Programme offers very distinct specialisms in these disciplines: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Drawing, Art Photography and Graphic Novel. Having selected one of the specialisms, you will be trained and equipped with the specific skills, techniques, aesthetics and historical issues associated with the chosen discipline. 

The programme also emphasises an interdisciplinary approach to learning, which allows you to discover and establish cross-discipline methodologies in the development of your works. As the Diploma programme is the preliminary segment of your artistic journey, the School considers these three years crucial, to allow you to search for a unique creative voice and to understand the use of materials and art processes confidently so that you can hone these skills at a higher level. 

Upon graduation, you will be equipped with a clear understanding of your own artistic practice reflecting creative inquiry, commitment and self-discipline, and in some circumstances, ability to work collaboratively with other artists from other fields of study. 

In Level 1, you will share some common modules across the Diplomas and you will also take discipline-specific modules. The shared modules aim to provide you with a comprehensive grounding in the basic creative processes, art and design fundamentals, technical and academic skills essential for your progression to Level 2 and Level 3. They also allow for diagnostic and formative teaching in order to confirm you have made the appropriate choice of Diploma in Fine Arts. The discipline-specific modules will introduce you to core knowledge and skills required as the first layer to Diploma in Fine Arts. 

In Level 2, you will be taught technical and vocational skills with a directed approach, which encourages reflection and critical analysis in your practical works. This will provide you with substantial understanding and knowledge specific to Diploma in Fine Arts. 

In Level 3, you will undertake self-devised/directed projects which include cross-disciplinary and independent projects. These projects aim to encourage collaboration, to polish your technical dexterity and to identify your area of interest, relevant methodologies and artistic proficiency. There is also a placement module to help you gain an in-depth understanding of the Fine Art industries and to apply your studio and academic understandings and achievements to the diverse expectations of a demanding industry. You will also interact with non-profit organisations or community interest-led projects as part of the Community Engagement component, where you will develop a greater sense of responsibility, merging work and personal ethics. 

Career Paths: Assistant Art Conservator and Restorer, Museum Gallery Assistant, Graphic Novel Artist, Model and Prop Maker, Painter, Printmaker, Photographer, Sculptor, Videographer, Graphic Designer, Assistant Trainer in Visual Art, Assistant Art Teacher/Educator, Window Display Artist, Layout Artist, Exhibition Designer 

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