Diploma in Fashion

Designer, Writer, Buyer, Merchandiser, Stylist, Fashion Photographer, Pattern Drafter

Course Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full Time



Commencement Date: Aug

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Focusing on the developments of the Asian and global fashion industries, the philosophy of the programme centres on the different and exciting artistic practices of the creative industries as well as the dynamism of the evolving fashion culture in Singapore, and the world at large. 

The Diploma in Fashion is a three-year, practice-based programme integrating technical skills, industry knowledge, design processes, and creative visual communication. Upon graduation from this programme, you will possess a good working knowledge of the fashion industry and relevant, technically sound design skills. The programme covers a holistic underpinning of different areas in Fashion and focuses on the fashion product with components in Textile Design, Marketing, Styling and Art Direction. This unique blend of specialist subjects is aimed at producing talented, motivated and entrepreneurial fashion practitioners that contribute to local and international brands and drive the local fashion industry. You will have the opportunity to study with a fashion team that is actively engaged in a range of local and international initiatives. 

This programme offers a rigorous curriculum that blends contemporary artistic practices centred on the Asian fashion industry. You will have a holistic experiential learning experience that grooms you to be industry-ready. Through the programme, you can also establish a good network of alumni contacts and key partnerships with the fashion industry. 

In Level 1, you will share some common modules across the Diplomas and you will also take discipline-specific modules. The shared modules aim to provide you with a comprehensive grounding in the basic creative processes, art and design fundamentals, technical and academic skills essential for your progression to Level 2 and Level 3. The discipline-specific modules will introduce you to core knowledge and skills required as the first layer to your specialist areas. 

In Level 2, you will be taught technical and design skills specific to Fashion with a directed approach, which encourages reflection and an understanding to design. These essential skills, which you will acquire through group and individual project briefs, are closely aligned to the demands of the design industry. Coupled with an interdisciplinary environment where peer-to-peer learning and dialogues are encouraged amongst you and your peers to maximise learning, you will play a more active role in exploring the possibilities of your chosen area of study with a higher level of confidence. 

In Level 3, you will undertake modules, which may include self-devised/directed studies or projects. You will be tasked to problem-solve and articulate ideas through a variety of briefs. There will be self-initiated industry placements and/or live projects learning component designed to assist you in gaining an accurate understanding of the design industry associated with Fashion. 

Career Paths: Designer, Writer, Buyer, Merchandiser, Stylist, Fashion Photographer, Pattern Drafter 

Related Careers: Costume Designer, Accessory Designer, Assistant Designer, Trend Forecaster, Personal Shopper 

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