Diploma in Design Communication


Diploma in Design Communication

Illustrator, Advertising Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Visualiser, Concept Artist, Designer for Public Spaces and more

Course Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full Time



Commencement Date: Aug

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The impact of design solutions on people’s lives is constantly growing. Hence pursuing a design education today means acquiring the thinking capacity and necessary creative skills to shape the future, especially that of society, with human needs as the key driving force. Whether it’s visual information, innovative objects for everyday use, or simply improving the way people move, behave and interact in public space, the aim of Diploma in Design Communication Programme is to enable its students to make the salient difference in exploring and developing effective solutions to real‐world issues and needs. Its vision is to have its students’ creativity and originality make unexpected and meaningful connections between different professions; not just the classical disciplines of graphic design, advertising and illustration. Regardless whether it’s about engineering the next “fish” to address the issue of overfishing or creating a phone application for a growing population with depression, students in Diploma in Design Communication Programme will be taught to think differently and to brave the world with their ideas and solutions to better living.

Given the programme’s unique blend of Asian and Western cultures and influences, you will be part of a unique and dynamic learning community and collaborative environment, contributed by multi-disciplinary partnerships amongst programmes and faculties, and with the creative industries. Comprising studio practice, contextual studies and technical studies modules, your time spent on the programme would be a time to prepare yourself for a world that constantly demands creative ideas, initiative and collaborations. The programme’s forward-thinking curriculum endeavors to prepare creative and unique designers, who are starting their professional careers in widely varying places and in an increasing number of corporate and social sectors.

In Level 1, you will share some common modules across the Diplomas and you will also take discipline-specific modules. The shared modules aim to provide you with a comprehensive grounding in the basic creative processes, art and design fundamentals, technical and academic skills essential for your progression to Level 2 and Level 3. The discipline-specific modules will introduce you to core knowledge and skills required as the first layer to your specialist areas. 

In Level 2, you will be taught technical and design skills specific to Design Communication with a directed approach, which encourages reflection and an understanding to design. These essential skills, which you will acquire through group and individual project briefs, are closely aligned to the demands of the design industry. 

In Level 3, you will undertake modules, which may include self-devised/directed studies or projects. You will be tasked to problem-solve and articulate ideas through a variety of briefs. There will be self-initiated industry placements and/or live projects learning component designed to assist you in gaining an accurate understanding of the design industry associated with Design Communication. 

Career Paths: Illustrator, Advertising Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Visualiser, Concept Artist, Designer for Public Spaces, Designer for Exhibitions/Performances, Motion Graphic Designer, Branding Consultant, Data Visualiser, Layout Artist, Production Manager, Studio Manager, Web Designer, User Interface Designer


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