Diploma in Dance

Dancer for stage, screen and events, Dance Instructor 

Course Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full Time



Commencement Date: Aug

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This programme uses a holistic approach to graduate expressive and imaginative dancers who can confidently fulfil the dance demands made of them in both artistic and commercial dance contexts. With the close guidance of lecturers, a supportive environment and the many performance opportunities provided by the programme, students develop into versatile performers, highly sought-after as company dancers, dance teachers, event choreographers and for further study in local and international degrees. 

An international faculty of lecturers and guest artists teach a diverse range of dance techniques: the four main strands are Urban Dance, Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary Dance; and allied classes, to improve technical proficiency, strength, expressive range and versatility in performance. These allied classes include somatic based approaches, performance techniques and Asian movement practices. 

Strength in creativity and performance is further enhanced through choreography and improvisation classes that span all three years. A range of choreography and cross-disciplinary projects are initiated with various arts venues, institutions and students from LASALLE, including Film and Technical and Production Management. Improvisation techniques are enhanced through a variety of classes such as Viewpoints, Dance Improvisation, Contact work, mask work and animal work. Exposure to these many techniques will help you to be a more expressive performer. This is supported by performance opportunities in multiple performance venues, styles and situations. 

Contextual studies in topics such as the dance histories of various genres and cultures, the development of the dance industry in Singapore and performance theories, support the necessary understanding to become a relevant global practitioner. Employability is further improved through components that introduce you to dance pedagogy, career paths and options, audition techniques and the local industry. 

Level 1 establishes a technical, creative, and contextual foundation; it gives you the necessary tools for further development. 

Level 2 increases your technical vocabulary, develops your creative and analytical skills and introduces you to the local context. 

Level 3 consolidates personal expression and understanding of professional requirements and prepares you for employment as a dancer, and the next stage in your artistic journey. 

Graduates are known to be expressive and versatile thinking-athlete-artists who transition well into the dance scene. If you are interested in becoming a versatile performer, this is the programme for you. 

Career Paths: Dancer for stage, screen and events, Dance Instructor 

Related Career: Dance instructor, Arts Manager 

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