Diploma in Broadcast Media


Diploma in Broadcast Media

Broadcast Video Producer/Editor, Broadcast Production Manager, TV/Internet Journalist, Videographer, Independent Media Producer

Course Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full Time



Commencement Date: Aug

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The Diploma in Broadcast Media Programme aims to produce the next generation of highly versatile moving image creatives for a variety of media-related industries, both in Singapore and around the world. The programme will successfully prepare students for job roles in fields such as broadcast television, Internet and mobile technology broadcasting, as well as other emerging media formats, such as VR and 360 degree video production. 

The demand for video-related content has never been higher. With the proliferation of cable and satellite television channels, and the exponential growth of the Internet and mobile technology, video content has never been in so much demand, whether it be in the form of in-print ads and commercials, documentaries, music videos, social awareness campaigns, short fiction films, dance and fashion films, or educational and corporate videos. You will be engaged in producing highly creative and exciting collaborative projects, including music, fashion and dance videos, as well as live 4K multi-camera filming and live switching of important events. You will collaborate with other students at the College, including fashion designers, musicians, actors and actresses, dancers, as well as fine and interactive artists, all under one roof.

This visually-oriented programme will provide you with the technical skill-sets, conceptual problem-solving skills and creative acumen to embark on a successful career in this dynamic media landscape, as well as furnishing you with a solid foundation for further study in the LASALLE BA(Hons) Film Programme.

In Level 1, you will receive a general arts education as well several broadcast media specific modules and components, which will allow you the opportunity to explore aspects such as basic video shooting and editing. You are encouraged to develop an awareness of the potential for communicating meaning through the use of video imagery. 

In Level 2, you will be introduced to the necessary technical skill-sets to produce visually engaging video projects. 

In Level 3, you will be encouraged to engage in experimentation with students from other programmes. This will provide you an indispensable educational experience, in terms of the essential personal and professional development skills that successful collaboration requires. 

Throughout Level 2 and 3, you will cover a range of topics which include digital effects, non-linear editing, creative lighting for TV and Film, audio recording and soundtrack composition, scriptwriting as well as TV studio production, design for broadcast and new media, directing and basic voice training for narration. All filming will be performed using high-end professional quality high-definition cameras and a range of other state-of-the-art media equipment.

Career Paths: Broadcast Video Producer/Editor, Broadcast Production Manager, TV/Internet Journalist, Videographer, Independent Media Producer, TV Commercial Producer, Live Events Coverage Producer, Broadcast Field Producer, Media Consultant 

Related Careers: Broadcast Graphic Designer, Visual Effects Artist, Documentary Filmmaker, Multimedia Designer, Video Artist, Media Arts Educator 

LASALLE thanks Algoriddim GmbH and iZotope, Inc. for the sponsorship of software licenses for use by students of the Diploma in Broadcast Media Programme.

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