School of Creative Industries Student Research Showcase


Date & Time

Sat 25 May 2019
10:30am (MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice)
2:00pm (Arts Management)


MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice
Block F Level 3 #309

BA(Hons) Art Management
Block F Level 2 #F202

LASALLE, 1 McNally Street





Three programmes in the School of Creative Industries: BA(Hons) Arts Management, MA Arts and Cultural Management and MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice will showcase students' research and dissertation work through presentations.

The first session is a sharing by a few of the outgoing postgraduates from MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice demonstrating their final Master’s research. Framed with a strong pedagogical intent and an experiential method of engagement, the research dissertations sought to sought to support a clear understanding of the methodological considerations of arts and arts education research.

White Noise, performed by Sascia Pellegrini, investigates a phenomenology of silence through the lens of Graham Harman’s “The Quadruple Object” tied in with the sensual perception of objects. Pellegrini’s research aimed to delineate silence as a space between the metaphysical and the sensual, where reality and what lies hidden behind it can be scrutinised. He verified if and how the lack of “silence” from a constant overload of information – from repeated or constant demands on one’s attention from multitasking to distraction – undermines the ability to generate space and time for self-reflection and metacognition, and if and how silence can become an effective pedagogical tool in classroom routines.

The Learning Process of Art History through Sensorial Experiments by Sabiana Paoli examined the use of external spaces and situations as a deconstruction of the ocular-centric way to understand art. Specifically looking at three art movements – transavantgarde, futurism, and Studio Azzurro – Paoli designed experiments around Singapore that engaged the other senses except vision. It sought to metabolise concepts beyond a formal and classical analysis of European art. This research used /a/r/tography as a methodology. By incorporating embodied senses in the perception of works of art in totality, Paoli’s creative responses demonstrated another form of artistic expression to underplay visualisation as the primary method of learning.

Play the Beat, Feel the Rhythm, Experience Unity through Community Drumming in Singapore by Syed Ibrahim explored the use of community drumming at Kallang Community Club with 91 participants on four factors – peer interaction, equal opportunity, individual accountability, and positive interdependency. The study showed that these four factors in a community drumming context might play a positive role in bringing together diverse individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds. Syed will be facilitating a group drumming exercise to demonstrate the pedagogical effects on community building.


This event is part of The LASALLE Show 2019, an annual graduation showcase of contemporary art, design and performance.