English Language for the Creative Arts

Improve your English before taking up further study.

If you are planning to take up a course of study in English, and want to improve your English language proficiency, this programme is designed with you in mind. While developing your English language skills, you will also experience the vibrant and energising arts community within the LASALLE McNally campus.

On successful completion of the four-level programme, you should have a level of English proficiency which is equivalent to an IELTS 5.5 or above. You will also develop a set of study skills, which will help prepare you for learning in a tertiary environment.

We believe the best way to learn a language is to use it. That’s why our classes are student-centred and interactive. You will be mentored throughout the programme and supported in setting individual goals as well as developing independent learning skills. Self-study and reflection are a core part of the programme, and you are expected to develop learning plans, portfolios and reflective journals.

In addition to developing your language skills, you will be encouraged to widen your knowledge of the arts during your course. You can attend performances, exhibitions and talks, in addition to undertaking study trips to places of interest in Singapore.

Students offered places on LASALLE Diploma and BA(Hons) programmes are encouraged to prepare for their future specialisms by attending College events, study trips and observation of classes.

Course Details


12 months


Full time


Our comprehensive programme content includes the following:

  • General English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Study Skills
  • English Language for the Arts

More Information

Assessment and course materials

You are required to pass each level in order to progress in the programme. The attendance requirement is 100%. You will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of each level. Please note that students who wish to take the IELTS exam will need to register as a candidate with one of the IELTS exam centres in Singapore.

On completion of the Advanced course, you must pass the English Language entrance exam in order to join a LASALLE Diploma or BA(Hons) programme.

For LASALLE programmes, the English language requirements are:

  • Diploma – IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 71
  • BA(Hons) – IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT 80
Programme completion criteria

Students need to pass the Advanced level to be considered for the Certificate in English Language for the Creative Arts.

The Learning Centre at LASALLE


Tap into the illustrious minds of our faculty members who are movers and shakers in their own disciplines. They will impart, challenge and encourage, as they share their invaluable expertise and experiences with you.

Lecturer, English Language for the Creative Arts
Lecturer, English Language for the Creative Arts

Admission Information

Important Dates

English Intermediate 

  • Start of Semester: January 2019
  • Apply by: 15 October 2018

English Advanced

  • Start of Semester: April 2019
  • Apply by: 31 January 2019
Entry Requirements


There are four levels in the Certificate in English Language for the Creative Arts Programme.

You can enter the programme at any of the four levels, on the condition that you meet the entry requirements for that level. You can take a language placement test to determine your level of entry to the programme, or submit your IELTS or TOEFL score.

You will attend 20 hours of classes a week and will be expected to undertake a further 15 hours of directed self-study each week.

Minimum entry requirements for each level
Intake Courses Duration Entry Requirement – Diploma Entry Requirement – BA(Hons)
Jul Beginners 8 weeks IELTS 3.5
(a minimum score of 3.5 is required in each of the Speaking and Writing components)
Sep Lower Intermediate 12 weeks IELTS 4.0
(a minimum score of 4.0 is required in each of the Speaking and Writing components)
(a minimum score of 4.5 is required in each of the Speaking and Writing components)
Jan Intermediate 12 weeks IELTS 4.5
(a minimum score of 4.5 is required in each of the Speaking and Writing components)
(a minimum score of 5.0 is required in each of the Speaking and Writing components)
Apr Advanced 12 weeks IELTS 5.0
(a minimum score of 5.0 is required in each of the Speaking and Writing components)
(a minimum score of 5.5 is required in each of the Speaking and Writing components)

* Note: A student may be allowed to join mid-way through the Lower Intermediate Course and Intermediate Course, if they can demonstrate their ability to follow the programme.

Level Applying for
Diploma Programmes
Applying for
BA(Hons) Programmes
Beginner IELTS 3.5 N/A*
Lower Intermediate IELTS 4.0 IELTS 4.5
Intermediate IELTS 4.5 IELTS 5.0
Advanced IELTS 5.0 IELTS 5.5


Certificate in English Language for the Creative Arts

Level Schedule Jul (S$) Sep (S$) Jan (S$) Apr (S$) Material Fees (S$) Total Programme Fees  (S$)
Beginner - Advanced Jul-Jul 3,500 3,500 3,500 3,500 300 14,300
Lower Intermediate - Advanced Sep-Jul - 3,500 3,500 3,500 225 10,725
Intermediate - Advanced Jan-Jul - - 3,500 3,500 150 7,150
Advanced Apr-Jul - - - 3,500 75 3,575
  • Fees are subject to change.
  • Correct as at November 2017.

Application Fees

A non-refundable application fee (inclusive of 7% GST) is chargeable per application. Application is only complete upon receipt of your application fee and all necessary documents. Please ensure your application fee is paid and documents are submitted within seven working days from the submission date of your online application. LASALLE reserves the right to withdraw the applicant if the application fee remains unpaid and documents are not received by the due date.

Singaporean / Singapore Permanent Resident Applicants
International Applicants
S$60.00 S$120.00


Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)

Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) serves to protect students’ fees in the event a Private Education Institution (PEI) is unable to continue operations due to insolvency and/or regulatory closure. The FPS also protects students when the PEI fails to pay penalties or refund fees to the students arising from judgements made against it by the Singapore courts.

In seeking to be an EduTrust-certified PEI, LASALLE is required to adopt the FPS to ensure full protection to all fees paid by their students. Therefore, the FPS is compulsory for students who are taking BA(Hons), MA and Certificate programmes at LASALLE.

Diploma programmes offered by LASALLE are exempted from FPS under the EduTrust requirements of the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

More information on the Committee for Private Education

Material Fee (MAT)

Material fees are required for Certificate in English Language for Creative Arts.

Medical Insurance Scheme (MIS)

All full-time students of LASALLE are required to be covered under the Medical Insurance Scheme (MIS). The annual coverage of S$20,000 includes school-related activities throughout the programme duration.

The current premium rate of S$18.20 is payable each semester. This premium rate is subject to change based on the prevailing premiums charged by the insurer.

Accepted Modes of Payment

All payment to LASALLE must be made in Singapore Dollars. 

Our accepted payment modes include:

  • DBS Online Banking and ATM Transfer
  • GIRO
  • Cheque/ Bank Draft/ Cashiers Order/ Demand Draft
  • NETS
  • Cash
  • Master/ Visa/ China Union pay
  • Wired Transfer/ Telegraphic Transfer (Only for international students) 

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