Sing Lit Comes of Age

13 October 2017
The Straits Times
Media Coverage

In this opinion editorial published within The Straits Times, LASALLE’s MA Creative Writing Programme Leader, Dr Darryl Whetter, reflected on the coming of age of Singapore’s literary scene.

From his experience at a recent highly successful poetry reading session, and the formal uptake in creative writing degrees, to the mentorship support now offered more readily by older writers to new, Dr Whetter noted that “Singapore literature has arrived at a stage of maturity that would make the early pioneers proud.”

Proof points to this include Singapore literature enjoying much popularity and influence internationally, and Singaporeans themselves developing a greater appreciation for their own home-grown writers and poets.

Following the heartening responses he has received from the community here regarding creative writing, to which he added that Singapore is “ahead of many developed Western countries”, Dr Whetter is encouraged and excited on how the field will develop further.

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