DrDarryl Whetter


Dr Darryl Whetter

Programme Leader, MA Creative Writing
  • PhD in English, University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • MA in English and Creative Writing, University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • Bachelor of Arts, Honours, (English, Drama and Creative Writing), Queen’s University, Canada
  • Diploma in University Teaching, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Dr Whetter is a novelist, poet, essayist, scholar, short-story writer and critic from Canada. His first book, the story collection A Sharp Tooth in the Fur, was named a Globe and Mail Top 100 Book of 2003. His novels include the multi-generational smuggling epic Keeping Things Whole and the bicycle odyssey The Push & the Pull.

His first book of poems, Origins, concerns evolution, energy and extinction. He has published or presented literary essays in France, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada, England, India and Iceland. His book reviews appear in numerous papers, including The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The National Post, The Montreal Gazette and The Detroit Times, as well as on national CBC Radio.

Professional Practice/Research Output

Books Authored
2017: Search Box Bed: Poems. Kingsville, ON: Palimpsest Press
2013: Keeping Things Whole: A Novel. Halifax: Nimbus. 280 pp. SSHRC-funded
2012: Origins: Poems. Kingsville, ON: Palimpsest Press. 84pp. SSHRC-funded
2008: The Push & the Pull: A Novel. Fredericton: Goose Lane Editions, 322 pp
2003: A Sharp Tooth in the Fur: Stories. Fredericton: Goose Lane Editions, 192 pp

Refereed Articles
Can’t Lit: What Canadian English Departments Could (but Won’t) Learn from the Creative Writing Programs They Host. New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. Excerpted in Literary Review of Canada. 22.7 (2014): 22–23. Print. Rpt. in Best Canadian Essays 2015. Toronto: Tightrope, 2016: 239–48. Print.

2014: You Say You Want a Well-Paid Revolution: On Chad Harbach’s MFA vs NYC. New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing 11.3: 1–6. Print
2012: Hunger Ledgers: Appetite in my Novel The Push & the Pull. The Hunger Artist. Eds. Pavlina Radia and Ann McCulloch. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishers, 180–91. Print
2011: Dick and Jane vs. the Palimpsest: How Canadian Universities Dilute and Counterfeit Creative Writing. Canadian Notes & Queries. 83 (Fall/Winter): 33–38. Print
2011: Genetically Modified Toads, Factory Songs and Fake Gardens: Mutations, Natural Selection and Gillermania. Canadian Notes & Queries. 82 (Spring/Summer): 59–66. Print
2011: His Word against Mine: Envy, Friendship and the Novel. The Best of Numéro Cinq Vol. 1. Ed., Douglas Glover, 31 Jan. 2011. Web

Refereed Fiction in Journals (over last five years)
2017: Scraping off the Velvet. The Fiddlehead. 210.1 (January): 72–82. Print

Refereed Poetry in Journals (over last five years)
2015: Not Your Parents PC. Event. 44.2 (Fall): 46. Print
2015: Folksonomy. The Fiddlehead. 263 (Spring): 78. Print
2015: A Home of One’s Own. The Fiddlehead. 263 (Spring): 79. Print
2015: Ugly Underwear. Prairie Fire. 36.1 (Spring): 53. Print
2015: Search String. Calliope. 2.3. (March): 18. Print
2014: Condoms. ARC. 74. (Summer): 42. Print
2013: Plenty of Lava. The Fiddlehead. 255. (Spring): 84. Print
2012: Bicycle. The Fiddlehead. 250. (Winter): 59–60. Print
2011: Sex: the Selfish Gene, the XX, and a Bottle of Shiraz. Descant. 155 (Winter): 60–62. Print
2011: History. Descant. 155 (Winter): 60-62. Print
2011: The Softer Fossils at Joggins. The Fiddlehead. 247. (Spring): 50–51. Print
2011: The Selfish Gene(s). ARC. 65. (Winter): 73. Print

Fiction and Poetry in Refereed Anthologies
2016: Sexting. Strange Breed: New Canadian Comedy. Toronto: Exlie Editions. Print
2016: The Extinction [poem]. Canadian Ginger. Fernie, BC: Oolichan. Print
2014: His Wreck, His Wake. 50+ Poems for Gordon Lightfoot. Ed. Fred Addis. Orillia, ON: Old Brewery Bay P, 62. Print
2013: Sex: the Selfish Gene, the XX, and a Bottle of Shiraz, Country Dog, Water or Air. Detours: An Anthology of Poets from Windsor and Essex County. Eds. Susan Holbrook and Dawn Kresan. Kingsville, ON: Palimpsest Press, 31–32; 60–61; 82–83. Print
2013: Signed Inheritance. A Crystal Through Which Love Passes: Glosas for P.K. Page. Ed. Jesse Ferguson. Ottawa: Buschek Books, 70–7. Print

Creative Non-Fiction (over last five years)
2017: The Kids Are Alright. The Broadview Anthology of Expository Prose, 3rd ed. Eds. Don LePan, et al. Calgary: Broadview. In press. Rpt. from The Walrus Online.

Invited Public Reading (Creative Writing)
2017: George Town Literary Festival, Penang, Malaysia. November
2017: Resonance Reading Series, Resonance Café, Montréal, 1 Aug
2017: Art Bar Poetry Series, Free Times Cafe, Toronto, 25 July
2016: Step Across This Line: Hybridity, Liminality, and Transgression in the Fiction of Three Writer Professors. Canadian Writers’ Summit: Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs [Biennial] Conference. 15–19 June. Harbourfront Centre, Toronto
2015: Pillette Village Reading Series. Nancy John Gallery, Windsor, ON. 8 Nov
2015: Poetry Weekend. University of New Brunswick. October
2015: Novel Tea Books & Café. Truro, NS. 11 Sept
2015: Leyton Gallery of Fine Arts. St. John’s, NF. 3 May
2014: 50+ Poems for Gordon Lightfoot. Book launch. Hugh’s Room, Toronto, ON. 17 Nov
2014: Making Bad: Transgression in Recent Canadian Novels. Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs [Biennial] Conference. 15–18 May. Univ. of British Columbia. [Panel reading: Catherine Bush, Darryl Whetter & Natalee Caple.]
2014: Northrop Frye Literary Festival. Moncton, NB, 26 Apr
2014: Brock University. St. Catharines, ON. 27 Feb
2014: Pivot Reading Series. Press Club, Toronto. 26 Feb
2013: Biscuit Eater Cafe and Books. Mahone Bay, NS. 10 Nov
2013: Word on the Street Festival. Halifax, NS. 22 Sept
2013: Leacock Summer Festival. Orillia, ON. 28 Jul
2013: The Company House. Halifax, NS. 13 Jun
2013: Biscuit Eater Cafe and Books. Mahone Bay, NS. 16 Jun
2012: Art Bar Canada Council Reading Series. Paupers Pub, Toronto. 20 Nov
2012: Hot Sauced Words Reading Series. Black Swan Tavern, Toronto. 15 Nov
2012: Cape Breton University English Dept. Reading Series. Cape Breton University, Sydney. 25 Oct. Joint reader
2012: Poetry Weekend. University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. 29 Sept
2012: Argo Bookshop. Montreal. 15 June
2012: Creative Writing in the 21st Century: Research and Practice: Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs Conference. 12 May. Toronto Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Solo reader, poetry
2012: Nipissing University, Canada Council Reading Series. North Bay, ON. 15 Feb

Research Interests
  • Writing
  • Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, Drama and Book Reviews
  • Creative Writing Pedagogy