Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Gapur


Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Gapur

Lecturer, Diploma Level 1 (Visual Studies)
Rashid Gapur
  • MA of Fine Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • BA Fine Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Rashid holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from RMIT University, Australia and a Bachelor in Fine Arts with High Distinction, RMIT University, Australia; his Diploma in Visual Arts (Painting) is from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.

He was awarded the Wetterling Teo Gallery/Ericsson Singapore Scholarship Art Award and has exhibited work at the International Snow Sculpture, Quebec Carnival, Canada, the International Nature Art Symposium and Exhibition in Korea, the President's Young Talents Exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum and at the Creation and Voice of the Woods, "KYO-SO-GAKU" in the Forest, Japan.

Rashid's undergraduate and post-graduate work focused on personal matters and traditions and rituals in Islam; his Master’s work, for example, dealt with Islamic pilgrimage, one of the five pillars of Islam. Exploring mixed media, painting, installation and figure and charcoal drawing are some of his many artistic interests. As an educator, he believes strongly in developing and promoting basic drawing and painting skills – 'walking before running' – and 12 years' teaching experience convinces him of the need to master basics in order to instill passion and enthusiasm in students embarking on their careers; students, confident in their skills, do better.