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Dear Readers

Welcome back to another issue of Praxis Press! We are kicking off this issue with an article from Hazel Koh on Open Circuits featuring the School’s signature exhibition held annually at the LASALLE Winstedt campus, followed by many exciting activities such as industry showcase i Light Marina Bay project, artist film night Wayang Malam, the overseas field trip to Kota Tinggi and Trans/Mission dissertation research seminar.

The 11th issue welcomes student assistant editors Loh Hui Ying Abby and Ian Tee Wang Loong from BA(Hons) Fine Arts Level 2, who have added rich content and diverse voices to the publication. That being said, we are looking forward to involving more students in the editorial panel of future issues.

Praxis Press, as promised, will continue to service as a wonderful platform in capturing and documenting the wide range of activities both inside and outside of the McNally School of Fine Arts for each academic year. On behalf of the editorial board, we hope you would enjoy reading the latest news of the School and staying connected with us. While we are pleased to see the significant increase of number of writers from the Diploma level, we would also like to extend our invitation to the fine art alumni for their contributions, to help us keep the exchanges going, and to stay in touch!

Dr Wang Ruobing

Assistant Editors
BA(Hons) Fine Arts Level 2 (2017)
Abby Loh Hui Ying, Ian Tee Wang Loong

Copy Editor
Susie Wong

Student Editorial Panel
BA(Hons) Fine Arts Level 3 (2017)
Kheyton Lim ShiQuan, Ng Wu Gang,
Priyageetha d/o Diayalan Seeraz Darshinee Sai,
Siong Chung Hua, Tan Luo Yi Teo, Wan Xiu Nicolette

BA(Hons) Fine Arts Level 2 (2017)
Abby Loh Hui Ying, Dipali Anurag Gupta,
Donna Lu Sze Ting Genesis Tan Yu Xuan,
Gerald Tay Chao Siong, Ian Tee Wang Loong,
Muhammad Masuri Bin Mazlan, Prakriti Jassal,
Tan Hui Min Nerissa, Vidushi Srivastava

BA(Hons) Fine Arts Level 1 (2017)
Daniel Chong, Desiree Tham, Hazel Koh,
Maisarah Binte Kamal, Megan Lam, Sanyaa Mehrotra

MA Asian Art Histories Level 3 (2017)
Elaine Chiew

MA Fine Arts (2017)
Sunaina Bhalla

Diploma in Fine Arts Level 3 (2017)
Andrea Rachel Danker, Benedict Yu Zhe Ye,
Bettina Sim An An, Foo Hui Wen, Lim Jia Qi,
Nguyen Viet Anh, Sharyl Lam Hui Ping, Tan Wei,
Tiffany Ann Dass, Yap Yun Xi Denise

Diploma in Fine Arts Level 2 (2017)
Emil Nicodemus Chew Khai

Guest Writer
Flavio Cury
Monica Shanta Brown

BA(Hons) Fine Arts (2016)
Cynthia Delaney Suwito,
Mose Tan Qian Yi

Photograph Credits
Grey Projects, iPreciation, Padmasana Foundation Pearl
Lam Galleries Singapore, Singapore Art Museum The
Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Singapore, Cassandra Koh, Donna Lu Sze Ting, Emil Nicodemus Chew Khai,
Eugene Tan, GenesisTan, Gilles Massot, Yu Xuan,
Gerald Tay Chao Siong, Hu Chuan Li, Ian Woo, Jeremy Sharma, Ken Chua, Kray Chen Kerui, Marnie Morieson, Melanie Pocock, Monica Shanta Brown, Moses Tan Qian Yi, Ng Wu Gang, Prakriti Jassal, Sara Jane Ong, See Kian Wee, Sunaina Bhalla, Tan Hui Min Nerissa, Tan Luo Yi, Teo Wan Xiu Nicolette,
Tiffany Ann Dass, Vidushi Srivastava, William Kung

Professor Adam Knee,
Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Media & Creative Industries
Dr S. Chandrasekaran,
Head, McNally School of Fine Arts
Hazel Lim-Schlegel, Programme Leader, BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Gilles Massot, Lecturer, BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Jeremy Sharma, Lecturer, BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Dr Wang Ruobing, Lecturer, BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Lim Bee Ling, programme Leader, Diploma in Fine Arts
Sallah Japar, Senior Lecturer, Diploma in Fine Arts
Dr Ian Woo, programme Leader MA Fine Arts
Adeline Kueh, Senior Lecturer, MA Fine Arts
Jeffrey Say, programme Leader, MA Asian Art Histories
Dr Clare Veal, Lecturer, MA Asian Art Histories
Azlina Adams, Technical Officer, Printmaking
Koh Kwang Wei, Technical Officer, Sculpture

Praxis Press (11th Edition)
ISBN: 978-981-09-5767-4

About McNally School of Fine Arts
LASALLE College of the Arts

The McNally School of Fine Arts offers contemporary practice and research-based programmes at the undergraduate and
postgraduate levels with an innovative and interdisciplinary structure. The School focuses on redefining the milieu of
artistic research in the Southeast Asia region and Singapore’s position in the world of contemporary art.

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