Short Courses

LASALLE Short Courses are designed for learners of all ages, from future students to working professionals to silver citizens. They are designed to allow you to explore and be inspired.


LASALLE offers several categories of Short Courses:


• Personal development & enrichment classes
- Skills-building classes (recognised for SkillsFuture Credit and National Silver Academy subsidies)
• Youth Classes
• Professional Training Programmes
• Customised Classes


LASALLE Short Courses are offered at convenient times for those who are working full-time, most classes run at night and on weekends. For students, we offer Short Courses that run during school holidays. Courses run between six and eight weeks with lessons once or twice a week (times may vary).


Lecturers are LASALLE staff teaching in LASALLE’s full-time programmes and seasoned professionals with a commitment towards providing a quality arts education. This includes award-winning practitioners and highly-qualified alumni. Short Courses curricula are intended to introduce learners to new fields. There are no examinations or assessments, as the purpose is to provide an enriching experience.


Why Short Courses @ LASALLE?


• Short Courses are carefully developed by our faculty and staff to provide a gateway to those who want to learn the arts. No background in the arts is required. We welcome absolute beginners.
• Small class sizes ensure plenty of student-teacher time and a personalised experience
• Many Short Courses at LASALLE are recognised for SkillsFuture Credit and National Silver Academy subsidies*
• Practicing faculty members make the learning experience authentic
• Short Courses is a great place to meet new people and friends


Come experiment, explore….and be inspired! We invite you to join Short Courses @ LASALLE.


*For more information on SkillsFuture Credit and National Silver Academy please visit;
SkillsFuture Credit :
National Silver Academy:

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