MA Asian Art Histories


MA Asian Art Histories

Museum curator, Assistant Curator, Art Administrator, Art consultant, Gallery Manager, Art Consultant, Academic, Art Gallerist, Researcher/ Research Associate, Archivist

Course Duration: 1.5 years (3 semesters)
Mode: Full-time



Commencement Date: Jan

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The MA Asian Art Histories is the first MA Programme in any tertiary institution worldwide to focus on Asian modern and contemporary art. While Asian art history programmes generally focus on classicism or the grand traditions, the LASALLE Programme gives students the opportunity to undertake original research in largely under explored fields, investigate recently emerged artists and movements, and thereby contribute to contemporary discourse and scholarship. In addition, the Programme encourages students to establish and expand their professional practices and networks, developing their potential to become leading thinkers and cultural producers in the field.

These are exciting times for Asian art and artists, many of whom have attained international stardom buoyed by market demand and greater visibility in the international art circuit. At the same time, Asian countries have been transformed into major centres for the arts. The success and visibility of Asian art means that researching and studying in this area is all the more timely and relevant.

The MA in Asian Art Histories Programme allows students to take advantage of these emerging networks by offering opportunities to participate in conferences, publications and research projects alongside industry leaders. In addition to this, students are given opportunities to develop their research and professional practice through attachments to various cultural institutions. The Programme is also committed to supporting innovative individual and collaborative research projects by making available a number of grants for current students and alumni.

By studying at LASALLE, students benefit from being located in Singapore, the arts and cultural hub of Southeast Asia, with an arts infrastructure that is unmatched by any other country in the region. The MA in Asian Art Histories Programme takes full advantage of Singapore’s vast resources on Southeast Asian art by including in its curriculum regular off-site visits to galleries and other cultural institutions, as well as one overseas study trip to an area of relevance and interest. Previous trips have included visits to artist’s studios, galleries, archives, museums and collections in countries including Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and China. Students wanting to undertake in-depth field research will also benefit from Singapore’s strategic proximity to resources around the region.

Expanding the purview of conventional art histories, the Programme encourages analysis of Asian modern and contemporary art from Asian perspectives rather than through Euro-American approaches alone. By studying Asian Art Histories in the practice-based environment of LASALLE, candidates also experience an immersive environment within which to engage with practitioners and artworks, fostering interdisciplinary approaches towards the study and writing of art histories.

The MA Asian Art Histories is a one-and-half year Programme over three semesters, and will equip students with the appropriate expertise and academic rigor to undertake a higher level of independent research work such as a PhD.


  • Based in Singapore, the Programme gives students convenient access to museums, archives and cultural institutions around the region to do research.
  • The Programme is taught in a practice-based institution which offers students opportunities to interact and collaborate with art practitioners.
  • An innovative Programme, it takes learning beyond the classroom and includes local and overseas field trips to museums, exhibitions, independent art spaces, and cultural institutions as well as seminars and conferences.
  • The Programme is taught by an established faculty that includes art historians and curators as well as guest lecturers from the arts industry such as art market specialists, art gallerists, museum professionals and artists.
  • There will be opportunities and platforms for optional attachments in cultural institutions, to write and research as well as to curate exhibitions.
  • Classes are held in the evenings to cater to working professionals.

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