MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice


MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice

Arts Teachers, Artists, Community Artists, Arts Education programmers and directors, Arts Education Consultants

Course Duration: 1.5 years (3 semesters)
Mode: Full-time



Commencement Date: June

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As an MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice candidate, you are concerned with developing your contemporary arts practice and nurturing future generations of emerging artists. Candidates come from a full range of creative and performing arts disciplines as well as visual, design, and curatorial practice. They are practicing artists and active educators who wish to integrate current arts pedagogy into their work.

For individuals who are deeply invested in nurturing and mentoring the next generation of emerging artists, the Programme underscores the importance of developing a critical pedagogical approach. This is in order to enable long-term capacity for exploration and openness to new and varied experiences that will support teaching in the arts in a constantly repositioning society and landscape. Candidates will develop the critical skills, self-awareness, and reflexivity within their own perspective to become highly effective in supporting their students’ growth as artists working across diverse areas.

Candidates have the opportunity to transform their practice for the benefit of their students, community and industry, themselves, and to contribute to the growing field of research in arts education.

The MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice Programme is a one-and-ahalf year, three-semester programme. It is structured to offer an educational development opportunity while enabling individuals to continue with professional practice and career obligations.

LASALLE offers an interdisciplinary teaching and learning environment where experienced artists from vastly different backgrounds and interests are immersed in pedagogical discussion and research.

The Programme is designed to develop artists, practitioners, educators, and researchers who wish to know more about educational theories, curriculum design, and content delivery, as well as assessment strategies. Students will build upon their skills and knowledge, and develop strategies to support students to break boundaries and create new contemporary work.


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