BA(Hons) Animation Art


BA(Hons) Animation Art

2D/3D Animation developer and producer 


Course Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full Time



Commencement Date: Aug

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The BA(Hons) Animation Art Programme provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and learning opportunities for the conceptualisation, development and production of animated short films. 

The programme is designed to provide an interdisciplinary learning environment that exceeds the art/technology divide and surpasses the limitations of mere technical skillsets. It provides you with a learning environment and experience to develop as well-rounded artists, equipped with specialised animation and broad-based creative skills. 

The programme is first and foremost concerned with the acquisition and application of knowledge through reflective artistic practice, and with the creation, development and the constant evaluation and dialogue to develop successful ideas suitable for the production of animated movies. 

Ultimately, it is the aim of the programme to produce future leaders for the Creative Industries, who challenge assumptions, provide imaginative solutions and problem solve. Equipping them with the capability to be creative content decision makers, and the ability to create IP. 

Level 1 provides a generic foundation of the skills necessary for conceptualising, developing and production of an animated film for a wide variety of assignments. You will be introduced to development processes and methods, animation/film theory and technical skills for traditional, digital and experimental animation. Additionally, you will be exposed to the history and creative practices in film through contextual studies. Level 1 also establishes a systematic workflow necessary for creative problem solving and decision-making. You will regularly engage in reflective dialogue regarding their artistic practice and progress. 

Level 2 provides you with the opportunity to focus your Technical Skills by specialising in either 2D or 3D Animation. Level 2 introduces narrative development and storytelling structure for animated films through adaption. You are exposed to acting theory and methodology as well as more advanced production techniques for the enhancement of your chosen specialisation. Group projects and professional and emphasis is placed on you developing your visual and verbal communication skills. Opportunities are also generated for cross-faculty collaborations. Level 2 also includes Portfolio Development projects which aim to provide you with an opportunity to conceive, develop and produce a project in a short period of time. 

Level 3 integrates you to encourage the transference of specialist knowledge acquired during Level 2. You will propose and embark on series of self-directed productions, either narrative or conceptual in nature. You will attend regular Master Classes and embark on short Portfolio Development projects. The objective is to provide you with the necessary skills and opportunities to produce a portfolio suitable for employment in the Animation Industry, further studies or to embark on independent film production. You are also required to produce Analytical Essays and Seminar Presentations. 

The programme is designed to encourage you to be experimental, flexible and adaptable for entry into the creative industries with a range of transferable skills. 

Career Paths: 2D/3D Animation developer and producer

Related Careers: Animation/Video/Film Developer and Producer, Computer/Mobile Games Developer, Illustrator, Producer, Art Director, Storyboard Artist

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