CPF Contribution Exemption for Students Participating in School-Approved Work

Published on: 02 February 2018
Media Release
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With effect from 1 Feb 2018, mandatory CPF contribution will be exempted for school-approved work for students on MOE-funded full-time diploma and degree programmes at LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE). In practice, this means that employers of the said LASALLE students who participate in school-approved work (including attachments/internships) are not required to contribute to the employees’ CPF accounts.

This will apply to the following MOE-funded diploma and degree programmes at LASALLE:

Dip in Animation
Dip in Audio Production
Dip in Broadcast Media
Dip in Dance
Dip in Design Communication
Dip in Fashion
Dip in Fine Arts
Dip in Interior Design
Dip in Music
Dip in Performance
Dip in Technical & Production Mgmt

BA(Hons) Acting
BA(Hons) Animation Art
BA(Hons) Arts Management
BA(Hons) Dance
BA(Hons) Design Communication
BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles
BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
BA(Hons) Film
BA(Hons) Fine Arts
BA(Hons) Interior Design
BA(Hons) Music
BA(Hons) Musical Theatre
BA(Hons) Product Design

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