LASALLE actively engages in industry projects that provide invaluable live working experiences for our students. We look forward to collaborations that tap on and develop our students’ creativity; further pushing them to surpass the perceived limits of their creative threshold. Partners looking to collaborate in the various programmes offered at LASALLE are more than welcome to submit a detailed proposal to

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Live Project Partners

As a practice-based organisation, LASALLE believes in the power of experiential learning, and has embedded live projects within our programmes. By partnering with companies in the creative industry, LASALLE offers students opportunities to understand and appreciate real challenges and situations in the marketplace, thereby strengthening their preparation to become game-changers and creative leaders once they step into the working world.

Community Arts

Our openness towards the industry-at-large is also manifested in our engagement with the arts community through the hosting of various major events and festivals at our performing venues and blackbox spaces: WildRice, The Theatre Practice, the Singapore International Film Festival, and the Singapore International Arts Festival are examples of arts organisations with whom LASALLE has built a synergistic relationship, with an intent to entertain and inspire both the general arts-loving audience as well as LASALLE’s own population of staff and students.

Sponsorship Partners

Beyond a strategic development of curriculum and content, LASALLE’s partnerships also bridge the gap between a desire to further one’s education in the arts with the financial ability to realise that dream.

By forging sustainable schemes that encourage foundations, business corporations and even individuals to give towards our Scholarships and Bursaries, as well as donations that help us to activate our initiatives such as overseas study trips and research projects, we ensure that everyone who has the talent and drive for a career in the arts is given the necessary support to pursue their passion in life.


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