Irish Circus

Date: Thu 10 Nov 2016 
Time: 8:00pm 

The Singapore Airlines Theatre, Basement 1 
LASALLE, 1 McNally Street

Tickets at $20 (Circle) and $30 (Stall). To support this special fundraising event, please email and indicate the total number of tickets you would like to purchase. All proceeds from ticket sales and further donations will go towards the McNally legacy at LASALLE.

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A production by LASALLE’s School of Contemporary Music, with support from The Singapore Ireland Fund, and in association with British Alumni Singapore, Irish Circus is a multidisciplinary stage experience that brings the audience on an audio-visual journey through James Joyce’s classic text Finnegan’s Wake by way of John Cage’s mysteriously-titled music score: “____,_____ _____ circus on _____”

Featuring LASALLE’s very own lecturers of Irish heritage, Dr Timothy O’Dwyer and Brian O’Reilly, the showcase witnesses an exciting collaboration between Electronic Music students and The Media Lab at LASALLE. Using archival recordings of traditional Irish and Southeast Asian music with video and experimental techniques, Irish Circus expressively explores the cultural richness of these countries.

Adding to the spectacle and sensations on stage are prominent international artists from Germany, Nicola L. Hein, Sven Hahne, Claudia Schmitz, and Korhan Erel, and Irish video artist Lillevan.

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Irish Circus

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