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Susan Sentler

  • Masters of Creative Practice, professional practice pathway, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, UK
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Florida State University, USA

Susan Sentler is a choreographer, teacher, researcher, rehearsal director, and performer. Moving to New York City, she trained at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance becoming a performer in the Martha Graham Ensemble as well as a teacher of the faculty. She has worked in higher education for over 20 years, in numerous institutions globally, most notably serving as Senior Lecturer with Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

She has collaborated with Dr. Glenna Batson on imagery research and presented at numerous conferences. She has performed for Tino Sehgal and for Candoco Dance Company in a work of Jerome Bel. Her personal work focuses on durational installations, using the body, objects, sound, moving/still image and has exhibited in the UK, Ireland, USA, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, and for the online symposium Waterwheel 2014.

Professional Practice/Research Output

Choreographic Works

  • 2015: Navigating in Blue: Durational structured dance improvisation for 10 dancers in response to Robert Orchardson’s art installation Aperture for the NOW Gallery, collaboration with composer Ronen Kozokaro (March)
  • 2013: See, Sea: Durational installation work for the final project of Masters in Creative Practice, professional pathway. Work dealing with multiplicity of ritual and image triggered by an episodic memory. Live performer, 2 films, sound, photographic stills developed in cyanotype process in the moment, acetate image sculpture, etc. Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, MA Showcase 11th July 2013. London/UK Films within work exhibited at HangartFest Pesaro/IT 2013, SBAM Candelara/IT 2013, FRAME Porto/PT 2013, ATA Gallery San Francisco/CA 2014, online symposium Waterwheel 2014. In March 2015, for Swallowsfeet, Brighton/UK.
    Cyanotype images and films from installation exhibited at Woodbury Art Museum, Utah Valley University, USA
  • 2012: exposed: Film in collaboration with dancer Irina Baldini and composer Ronen Kozokaro. Created for the MA module, Investigative Practice led by Rosemary Butcher. Film exploring 4 episodes of light…into the interior, into the body. Exhibited: dancing bodies, moving images at Decoda Coventry University/UK 2012, HangartFest Pesaro/IT 2012, AWA Gallery Overtoom 301 Amsterdam/NL 2013, Open Screening Whitechapel Gallery London/UK 2013, Light Moves Limerick/IE Nov 2014.
  • 2011: Poised within her platform: Film in collaboration with dancer Irina Baldini and composer Ronen Kozokaro. Created for the MA module, Film and the Moving Body led by Tom Paine. Film exploring a duality of habitus, urban and the remembered sea. Exhibited: Hangartfest Pesaro/IT 2012, AWA Gallery Overtoom 301 Amsterdam/NL 2013
  • 2011: Made in England: Site-specific installation created for the launch of TCCE (The Creative Capital Exchange) on the Stamp Office staircase at Somerset House. Served as choreographer and co-director with Dr. Trish Lyons. Work involving 3 harpists and 7 dancers from Trinity Laban as well as visual art installation by students on the MA Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins College of Art. London/UK
  • 2011: Open House Revisited: Site-specific work created for the opening of Contemporanea 11 Festival at Tribeca Factory. Collaboration with dancer Irina Baldini. Prato/IT
  • 2011: S-filare II Edition: Second site-specific event for the Museo del Tessuto (Museum of Fabric). Collaborating with composer Ronen Kozokaro, 6 dancers (3 students from Trinity Laban and 3 from Imaginadanza), and film editor Jacopo Addini. Exploring the themes of weaving, measuring, cutting. Prato/IT
  • 2010: Preludes and Afterthoughts: Collaboration with pianist/composer Douglas Finch in a celebratory tribute to Chopin for Laban BA1 performance project. First performed at the Bonnie Bird Theatre at Trinity Laban, then performed at the Louise Blouin Foundation. London/UK
  • 2010: S-filare: Site-specific event for the Museo del Tessuto (Museum of Fabric). Collaborating with composer Ronen Kozokaro, 11 dancers (alumni and current Laban students as well as dancers from Imaginadanza), violinist Alessandro Librio, and film editor Jacopo Addini. Exploring the history and essence of fabric. Prato/IT


  • 2015: In Your Honour (Live Shot): Work by Claire Ridge, Laban studios, Laurie Grove. London/UK
  • 2015: Excerpts of low pieces (2009-2011) and Title in Process: Works by Xavier le Roy for the Biennale Danza 2015. Venice/I
  • 2015: The Sinthome Score by Dora García. Performer for the work within the Arsenale of the Venice Biennale 2015. Venice/IT
  • 2015: The Show Must Go On: Work by Jerome Bel, performer for Candoco Dance Company (Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London/UK March 2015, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham/UK April 2015, Tramway, Glasgow/UK May 2015)
  • 2012: These Associations: Work by Tino Sehgal. Participant during the 3-month exhibition of the work in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern. The 13th Unilever Series commission. London/UK
  • 2012: The Bridge: Work by Janine Harrington. An interactive choreography across Millennium Bridge that comprised of 45 dancers, part of the BBC performing arts fund. London/UK
  • 2011: The Performing Book: Work by Janine Harrington. Performed for the What Now festival at Independent Dance and for the MA degree show of Camberwell School of Art. London/UK
  • 2010: People Working, guided tour of the Place: Work by Dog Kennel Hill Project as part of Something Happening to celebrate The Place’s 40th Birthday. London/UK

Direction/ Coordinator/ Mentor/ Curation/ Rehearsal Direction/ Assistant Choreographer

  • 2015: Interactions of the Abstract Body: Within the exhibition – Adventures of the Black Square at the Whitechapel Gallery by artist Josiah McElheny. Co-ordinator for performance event and performer, with 3 Trinity Laban alumni dancers, London/UK
  • 2013: Dyad: Art Council commission of Alice Tatge and Therese Steele for Freud Museum and Arts Administration. Mentor. London/UK
  • 2012-2013: Interactions of the Abstract Body: Exhibition at the White Cube Gallery, Mason’s Yard by artist Josiah McElheny. Collaboration as choreographer/rehearsal director and performer with the artist and 12 Laban alumni performers. London/UK
  • 2012: United Global Alchemy: Work by Athina Vahla with Rachel Gadsden for the Cultural Olympiad, London 2012 Festival, Purcell Room, Southbank. London/UK
  • 2011, 2012, 2013: Designersblock: Opening event at the Farmiloe Building and Southbank. A structured improvisational event with 25 dancers, BA3 students and alumni of Trinity Laban. Director of event. London/UK
  • 2011: Wapping 10 Year Celebration: Opening night of Wapping Project’s celebration, evening of Trinity Laban alumni works and BA3 commission work. Curator and director of event. London/UK
  • 2010, 2011: In Preparation: Work by Athina Vahla, evolving project first shown at IADMS conference 2010 and in 2011. Assistant Choreographer and Rehearsal Director. Birmingham/UK and Washington DC/USA

Commercial work: choreography/organisation


  • 2015: Dance & Somatic Practices Conference 2015 at Coventry University. Ethics and Repair: Continuing Dialogues within Somatic Informed Practice and Philosophy. Workshop presentation: Folding and Enfolding – Image, Improvisation and Somatic Emergence with Clémentine Telesfort (non-attending contributor Glenna Batson), Coventry/UK
  • 2015: Memory Sentiment Body Space Object Symposium. Performance event: See, Sea: An exploration of memory, image, and time. Coventry/UK
  • 2015: Visualising Relationships. See, Sea cyanotype photographic images and video trailer of live performance/installation on exhibition. Coventry/UK
  • 2014: IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine and Science) 24th Annual Meeting. Presentation of research with colleague Dr. Glenna Batson: Qualitative effects of two modes of motor imagery training on improvisational movement: A descriptive study. Basel/CH
  • 2014: CDR (Centre for Dance Research). Presented seminar on my personal artistic practice Learning to See…body, place, memory, image Roehampton University London/UK
  • 2014: Waterwheel, online symposium. Presenting as part of the node, 3WD14 #32- Hydrologies + History::Water and Memory curated by Molly Hankwitz at the Milkbar venue in Oakland. California /USA
  • 2013: Falling About. 2-day conference organised by Dr. Emilyn Claid for Winlab at Independent Dance. Presented an opening workshop/lecture and participated in conference. London/UK
  • 2013: Cent’anni di Monte Verita’: utopie e pratiche sotto il segno di Rudolf Laban, ieri e oggi. A conversation on Rudolf Laban’s practice past and present on the 100th anniversary of his work at Monte Verita’. Participating speaker along with lead speaker and curator Eugenia Casini Ropa, as a part of HangArt Fest. Pesaro/IT
  • 2013: Accidental Festival, Dance 360. Chair of discussion panel, held at the Roundhouse. London/UK
  • 2012: Omaggio a Martha Graham. A conference at Sapienza University of Rome in collaboration with AIRDanza celebrating Martha Graham. Presented a talk focused on recreation of Graham’s repertory works, concentrating on Primitive Mysteries. Rome/IT
  • 2011: A Night Journey, a viaggio nel mondo di Martha Graham (the history of dance in relation to the technique and artistic voice of Martha Graham). Theoretical seminar presented with Susanna Egri at the Fondazione Egri per la Danza. Torino/IT


  • 2014: Waterwheel: Article for the 2014 symposium, See, Sea: an exploration of memory and time.
  • 2014 -15: BST Journal winter issue, See, Sea within Performances category.
  • 2010: Dance Notation Bureau: Library News Publication for the DNB, Volume IV No. 2 March 2010. Article: Laban Restages ‘Primitive Mysteries’: A Collaboration Between Kinesthetic Memory and Labanotation

Research Interest

Susan has an ongoing interest in the interplay between the still image and that of the moving image, the idea of movement in stillness and stillness in movement. Rooted from the body, through experiential clarity, how the ‘cellulare seeing’ acts as a trigger in capturing the image as well as how the image can be, as Roland Barthes describes, a ‘punctum’ for this seeing. Thus the punctum to be viewed as an embodied experience, not just one only from sight. A continuous circularity of activity, seeing from within, seeing from out.

Susan explores this in film and installation, working with and without the live body. How these elements can play with duration and immersion (be that of the images themselves and/or the spatial configuration, architecture of the installation) to encourage a sensorial experience for the spectator. She deliberately works with the camera only through ‘handheld’, as she believes this allows for direct and greater clarity of her personal embodiment.

Further expansion of her interest in the image, for the past two years Susan has also has been collaborating with Dr. Glenna Batson on varied avenues of imagery research. Their findings to date have been presented at Dance Research Forum Ireland’s 5th International Conference, the 24th Annual Meeting of IADMS, held in Basel, Switzerland, as well as the Dance & Somatic Practices Conference 2015 at Coventry University, UK.

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